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Search "List" view

Quickly see the organizations that meet your search criteria, add them to a list, and access their profile pages

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Cause IQ's search "List" view displays all the organizations meeting your search criteria. When you first access the search interface, you'll see roughly 1,800,000 organizations in the "List" view. This is because you haven't added any filters yet, so the system is displaying all organizations in Cause IQ. Once you start adding filters, the number of organizations will decrease until you're at your target segment.

See how many organizations meet your search criteria

The search "List" view displays the total number of organizations meeting your search criteria in the top-left corner of the screen. Cause IQ shows 10 organizations per "List" view page, and you can change the page at the bottom to view other organizations. Here's a look at where you can see how many organizations meet your search parameters:

See how many organizations meet your search query

By default, Cause IQ sorts the organizations in the "List" view by how relevant they are to your search -- relevancy is most important when you're looking for specific organizations by searching with filters like Keywords, Name, and Detailed description. You can choose to sort the organizations by a couple of different options though. If you click the "Sort" icon on the right of the "List" view, you'll see you can sort the organizations meeting your search criteria by:

  • Relevance
  • Name: A to Z
  • Name: Z to A
  • Revenue: Low to Higher
  • Revenue: High to Low
  • Assets: Low to High
  • Assets: High to Low

Here's a screen-shot showing you where you can sort the organization segment in the "List" view:

Sort organizations in the "List" view

Add organizations to a specific list

Cause IQ customers create lists to:

  • Stay up-to-date with current clients
  • Further analyze prospects they're actively working
  • Identify white space opportunities (by excluding the list from a search query)
  • Benchmark peer organizations
  • Find similar organizations

Once you find the organization you want to add to a list in "List" view of search interface, click the "My saved lists" drop-down to the right of the organization's name and EIN number. You can add the organization to an existing list, or start a new list by selecting "Create new list." When an organization is added to a list(s), a checkmark appears in the box of the list(s) they are included in. To remove an organization from a list, click on the list name and the checkmark is removed. Here's a look at how you manually add an organization to a list from the search interface:

Add organizations to a list from the "List" view

Access organizations profile pages

To access the profile page for a specific organization, simply click on the organization's name from the "List" view. Cause IQ's organization profile pages is where you can access all the information we have on a specific organization (including historic financial data). Check out this article to learn more about organization profile pages.