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Analyze search results

Gain market insights by automatically summarizing quantitative and qualitative trends of organizations right from the search interface

Cause IQ's analyze tool automatically summarizes quantitative and qualitative trends for a segment or list of organizations. Follow these steps to choose the organizations you want to analyze, access the tool, and select the fields you want to summarize:

  • Step 1

    Choose the organizations you want to analyze

    Use Cause IQ's Search filter sidebar to narrow down on a segment of organizations that meet specific parameters, or open a list of organizations you have manually created or uploaded into Cause IQ.

  • Step 2

    Access the analyze tool

    From the search interface, click the "Analyze" tab to access the analyze tool.

  • Step 3

    Select the fields you want to summarize

    You can summarize most fields within Cause IQ using the analyze tool. To select which fields (e.g., Total revenues, Metro area) you want to summarize click "Change fields" on the right side of the screen, and then search for the appropriate field name. You can also find the fields you want to add to your analysis by category. These sections mirror the ones in the "All filters" module of the search filter sidebar

Here's a look at where you can access the analyze tool:

Accessing the analyze tool

Cause IQ's analyze tool summarizes the quantitative information (e.g., Total revenues) in a bar graph. The analysis also provides the average, median, sum total and breaks down where the organizations fall in respect to the quantitative field by percentile. The break down of the organizations allows you to quickly see where the majority of organizations fall with respect to the field and provides insights to help you decide if your filters need to be adjusted. You can even add a quantitative filter right from the analyze tool by selecting the bar you want segmented and clicking "Add filter" on the right.

The qualitative information (e.g., Tax preparer firm) is summarized in a list within Cause IQ's analyze tool. The list shows you the top 10 results with respect to the selected field, and you can view up to 250 values by clicking the show more button. With a single click, you're able to add qualitative fields to your search query right from the analyze tool. For example, if you have added the Tax preparer firmfield to the analyze tool and want to look at the organizations in your search that get their taxes (i.e., Form 990) prepared by a specific CPA firm, are located in California, simply select the desired firm name(s) from the list and click "Add filter" on the right.

Here's a look at Cause IQ's analysis reports and where to download the summary report to Excel:

Analyze search results

Downloadable market analysis reports

You can download any report you build in a search's analyze tool to Excel for additional analysis. This is especially useful if you need to compare the same stats on different searches, such as market sizing for different metro areas or competitive intelligence for different vendors. After selecting the fields you want to summarize in the analyze tool, just click the "Download report" button. 

Here's a look at a Cause IQ analysis report downloaded to Excel:

Excel Analyze report