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Group returns, chapters, and consolidated financials

Find organizations with group or parent/child structures, including headquarter organizations, and their consolidated financials

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Cause IQ has information on groups of organizations affiliated with central headquarter organizations, including characteristics of the group (e.g., how many organizations in the group) and the consolidated financials of all organizations in the group.

Cause IQ has two ways to find groups of organizations, depending on how the IRS classifies the parent/child relationship.

For organizations with simple chapters, where those chapters aren’t distinct legal entities, you can use the "Has Chapters" filter, found within the "Group characteristics" section. For these types of affiliated organizations, unfortunately, we don’t have any additional details available (e.g, number of chapters).

For organizations whose affiliated branches or sub-organizations are distinct legal entities (and subject to the central organization’s general supervision or control), we have much more information. To track these organizations, we find all organizations within the central organization’s "group exemption". According to the IRS, "The IRS sometimes recognizes a group of organizations as tax-exempt if they are affiliated with a central organization. This avoids the need for each of the organizations to apply for exemption individually." In these cases, Cause IQ can track and analyze the characteristics of the entire group.

To find parent organizations, use the "Group status" filter within the "Group characteristics" section, selecting the "Parent of group exemption" option. To find children organizations, use the same filter but select the "Child within group exemption" option. If you want to find organizations with no affiliation, parents, or children, select the "Independent" option.

Finding all organizations in a group

You can find all organizations within a group exemption by finding the parent organization’s profile within Cause IQ. At the bottom of the "Overview" tab on the organization’s profile you’ll find a "Group characteristics" section. Click on the "New search for all organizations in this group" button, and Cause IQ will open a new search with only group members filtered. Cause IQ does this by adding a simple "Group exemption number" filter, because each group of organizations is assigned a unique exemption number by the IRS.

Group characteristic filters

You can use Cause IQ to find how many organizations are within a group exemption and the average revenue among group members. (for consolidated financials, see the next section of this article).

To filter by how many organizations are in a group, simply add the "Num. group members" filter, found within the "Group characteristics" section.

To filter by the average (mean) revenue of individual group members, add the "Mean group revenue" filter, found within the "Group characteristics" section.

Consolidated financial filters

Cause IQ aggregates the separate financials from each group member into consolidated financials for all children and the group parent. Normally the parent organization’s financials are just for the parent, not for all children organizations under that parent combined. Cause IQ aggregates the most common financial fields, including:

  • Total group revenues
  • Total group assets
  • All group investable assets
  • Group operating budget
  • Number of group employees
  • Total group expenses
  • Total group liabilities

To add these filters, go to the "Group characteristics" filter section and add the respective filter.