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Cause IQ's funding tool in the search interface allows users to understand which foundations give to organizations matching certain search criteria or organizations you've added to a peer list. This tool lists the foundations Cause IQ identifies giving to the organizations in your search segment and shows how many grants a specific foundation made to organizations within the search, the average grant size, the smallest and largest grant sizes, and more.

Accessing the funding tool

First, use Cause IQ's search filter sidebar to narrow down on a segment of organizations that meet specific parameters, or open a list of organizations you have manually created/uploaded into Cause IQ. To access the funding tool, click the "Funding" tab from Cause IQ's search interface.

Here's a look at where you access the funding tool in the search interface:

Access Cause IQ's funding tool

View funding details, sort foundations, and search for a specific funder

For each grantmaker Cause IQ has identified making grants to the organizations in your search, you'll see:

  • The total number of grants made
  • Average grant size
  • Sum of all grants
  • Smallest grant size
  • Largest grant size

You can sort the foundation list by the column headers. Simply click the appropriate column header and the list will sort itself.

You'll also see a Search funders... search box above the list of foundations. This lets you search for a specific foundation by name to see if Cause IQ has identified them giving to the organizations in your search.

View grantmaking details

View the specific grants a foundation gives to the organizations

On the far right of the page, you see the Grants column. You can click the "View grants" link to see all the foundations Cause IQ has identified making grants to the organizations in the search, with the following details:

Below, in the Grants to nonprofits in search results section, you'll see the specific grants the foundation made to the organizations in the search. You can see the grant recipient, what the grant was for, and the grant amount.

Here's a look at where you go to view all the grants Cause IQ has identifed a foundation making to organizations in a search and the grant details:

View the top identified grants

At the bottom of the funding tool, you'll see a Top grant details section. This section shows the largest 25 grants that were made to the organizations in your search. You'll see the amount, grantmaker, grant recipient, the fiscal year, and the grant description.

Here's a look at the top grant details section of the funding tool:

Top grant details