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Rreef America LLC

Rreef America LLC is a firm that provides administrative support and investment management to nonprofit clients. They primarily provide their services regionally, with most clients in Illinois (although they are present in other states as well).

Most Rreef America LLC clients are real estate services with revenues ranging from $2.5 million to $14 million.

Previous legal names, trade names, or just variations of their name include: Rreef America.

Primary location:
San Francisco, CA
All locations:
Identified clients:
Avg client size:
$22 mil revenue
Median client size:
$3.3 mil revenue

Rreef America LLC client list

1Service Employees International Union (SEIU)501(c)(5)Washington, DC
2West Side Realty CORPORATION501(c)(2)Chicago, IL
3SDC Latitudes at the Moors501(c)(25)Chicago, IL
4SDC Towers Industrial Park501(c)(25)Chicago, IL
5IPERS Eye Street NW - DC501(c)(25)Chicago, IL
6New Chalet Apartments501(c)(25)Chicago, IL
7SDC Tigard Corporate Center501(c)(25)Chicago, IL
8SDC Retail Country Club Plaza-FL501(c)(25)Chicago, IL
9Sfers Real Estate Corp FF501(c)(25)Chicago, IL
10Colorado Park 277 Corporation501(c)(25)Chicago, IL
...and 48 more Rreef America LLC not-for-profit tax-exempt clients identified by Cause IQ

Rreef America LLC competitors

Competitors to Rreef America LLC in the nonprofit sector include Ubs Financial Services, US Bank, Bank Of America, Ubs Financial Services Inc, PNC Bank, Morgan Stanley, Capfinancial Partners, LLC, Minnesota Life Insurance Company, LPL Financial, and Benefit Plans Admin Services, Inc..

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