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American Chemical Society (ACS)

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To advance the broader chemistry enterprise and its practitioners for the benefit of Earth and its people.
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ACS is a parent organization to a group of 226 other organizations.
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Program areas at ACS

INFORMATION SERVICES - THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY (ACS) ACHIEVES ITS GOAL TO BE AN INDISPENSABLE PROFESSIONAL AND INFORMATION RESOURCE FOR MEMBERS AND OTHER CHEMISTRY-RELATED PRACTITIONERS THROUGH TWO PUBLISHING DIVISIONS, CAS (CHEMICAL ABSTRACTS SERVICE) AND ACS PUBLICATIONS. THESE DIVISIONS PROVIDE SIGNIFICANT SERVICES TO ACS MEMBERS AND THE GLOBAL SCIENTIFIC COMMUNITY WITH ACCURATE, TIMELY, AND AUTHORITATIVE CHEMICAL AND RELATED SCIENTIFIC INFORMATION. FOR MORE THAN 110 YEARS, CAS HAS BEEN ANALYZING THE WORLD'S SCIENTIFIC CONTENT AND ADVANCING NEW SEARCH TECHNOLOGIES TO MAKE INFORMATION MORE ACCESSIBLE. AS A SPECIALIST IN SCIENTIFIC INFORMATION, CAS PRODUCTS AND SERVICES POWER GLOBAL RESEARCH, DISCOVERY AND INNOVATION. CAS HELPS COMMERCIAL, GOVERNMENT AND ACADEMIC ORGANIZATIONS PREDICT WHERE TO INNOVATE, PLAN WHAT INNOVATIONS TO COMMERCIALIZE, AND PROTECT INNOVATIONS FROM RISK. CAS PROVIDES POWERFUL INFORMATION ANALYSIS PRODUCTS, INCLUDING SCIFINDER AND STN THAT IMPROVE PRODUCTIVITY AND HELP ADVANCE DISCIPLINES - BE IT IN CHEMISTRY AND RELATED SCIENCES OR INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY. CAS'S BROAD-BASED, EASY TO USE WORKFLOW SOLUTIONS DRIVE DISCOVERY AND DEEP INSIGHTS FOR THE SCIENTIFIC ENTERPRISE THAT LEAD TO INNOVATIONS RANGING FROM PRODUCT IMPROVEMENTS, TO REVELATIONS THAT SOLVE SOME OF THE WORLD'S BIGGEST PROBLEMS IN AREAS FROM TREATMENT OF DISEASE, TO SUSTAINABLE ENERGY, OR TO GLOBAL FOOD SUPPLY NEEDS. CAS ALSO BRINGS THE UNIQUE CAPABILITY TO DESIGN CUSTOM SOLUTIONS THAT MAXIMIZE THE STRATEGIC IMPACT OF SCIENTIFIC INFORMATION. CUSTOMIZED SOLUTIONS FROM CAS MAXIMIZE THE VALUE OF DIGITAL ASSETS, POWER DATA-DRIVEN DECISIONS AND ENABLE ORGANIZATIONS TO INNOVATE MORE EFFICIENTLY. IN 2019, CAS CONTINUED TO DELIVER VALUABLE SCIENTIFIC INFORMATION SOLUTIONS THAT POWER GLOBAL RESEARCH, DISCOVERY, AND INNOVATION. THE NUMBER OF CUSTOMER ORGANIZATIONS NOW BENEFITING FROM EFFICIENCIES USING THE MODERNIZED SCIFINDER PLATFORM NEARLY QUADRUPLED TO MORE THAN 2000. ROLLOUT OF NEW PREDICTIVE RETROSYNTHESIS CAPABILITIES WITHIN SCIFINDER WERE ALSO IMPLEMENTED, IMPROVING WORKFLOW EFFICIENCIES FOR RESEARCHERS. ADDITIONALLY, SIGNIFICANT PROGRESS WAS MADE WITH ADVANCING THE STN FRANCHISE AND IN EXPANDING CAS SERVICE OFFERINGS THAT HELP ORGANIZATIONS MAXIMIZE THE VALUE THEY RECEIVE FROM THEIR RELATIONSHIPS WITH CAS. THROUGH AN UNPARALLELED COMMITMENT TO QUALITY, RELIABILITY, AND INNOVATION, ACS PUBLICATIONS SERVES THE GLOBAL SCIENTIFIC COMMUNITY AS THE LEADING PUBLISHER OF PEER-REVIEWED RESEARCH JOURNALS IN THE CHEMICAL AND RELATED SCIENCES, AND THE LEADING NEW MAGAZINE OF THE CHEMICAL WORLD. In 2019, ACS published 60 peer-reviewed journals, disseminating cutting-edge articles across a broad spectrum of scientific disciplines. The breadth and scope of the Society's journals is unparalleled, stretching across chemistry, physics, and biology. Noted for their high quality, rapid time to publication, and high impact, ACS journals are available at more than 5,000 academic, governmental, and corporate institutions worldwide. In 2019, the division continued its strong record of service to the global community of researchers in the chemical and related sciences - 57,000 articles were selected for publication within the society's peer-reviewed journals, through a rigorous editorial process that has solidified the society's publishing portfolio as one of preeminence in terms of both subsequent literature citations and impact factor ranking metrics. ACS journals continue to be the most-cited and/or impactful scientific journals in their respective scientific subject categories, according to the 2018 journal citation reports (JCR), released by Clarivate analytics. In total, ACS journal articles were cited more than 3.4 million times in 2018, an increase of 7 percent over the previous year. ACS journals continue to be most-impactful publications in the six core chemistry categories, with 75% ranking in the top quarter of their respective topical categories. Almost half of ACS titles achieved Impact Factors of 5 or higher. The Publications Division's portfolio of peer reviewed journals was further strengthened in 2019 with several key additions: - The Journal of Chemical Health & Safety was acquired from the eponymous division, and relaunched as ACS Chemical Health & Safety - The Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry was introduced as a partner publishing activity, a synergistic collaboration with the American Society for Mass Spectrometry - ACS Materials Letters was introduced and published its first issues in 2019 Supporting the expansion and innovations surrounding publishing activities, ACS invested in overhauling and redesigning its digital publishing platform (pubs.acs.org). The new responsive design is more intuitive for users, and also provides a sound framework for further growth and scalability. To complement the upgrading of the online delivery platform, the article PDF was enhanced. The new format includes numerous dynamic links to improve reader experience. ACS Publications open access offerings continue to thrive and expand ACS' global reach. ChemRxiv (TM), the chemistry preprint server for the global chemistry community, continued its record of growth. ChemRxiv facilitates the rapid and open dissemination of important scientific findings ahead of formal peer review and publication, and helps researchers attract constructive feedback from peers and establish priority in competitive fields. Each preprint carries an associated altmetric badge and attention score. ChemRxiv has now posted over 3,300 preprints since its launch in 2017. During 2019, the service welcomed the Chinese Chemical Society and the Chemical Society of Japan as co-owners, alongside ACS, GDCh and RSC, making this a true collaborative activity for the global chemistry community. Also in 2019, ACS Publications continued to build on its open access programs by securing a growing number of transformative 'Read & Publish' agreements across multiple countries, coupling subscription licenses with open access publication credits. These arrangements encourage open access publishing while recognizing the challenges in adapting funding and resourcing at a local level. ACS Publications played a leading role in two broad industry initiatives aimed at streamlining access to scholarly content. Both SeamlessAccess.org (formerly RA21) and GetFTR (Get Full Text Research) were developed and announced during 2019. In 2019, ACS journals recorded more than 156,000,000 downloads of full text research articles to users - a double-digit increase over 2018. C&EN completed a series of initiatives within its newsroom to emphasize speed, growth, and continuous improvement. In addition to numerous program activities, through the year C&EN: - Launched C&EN Chemistry Update, a voice-activated daily information briefing accessible via Amazon's Alexa and Google Home. - Partnered with News Catalyst, supporting newsroom product training programs - Launched a new and improved App for smart phones 'Chemistry News by C&EN' - Rolled out additional translation services, to include Portuguese and Arabic - Introduced 'diversity in journalism' tracking, to inform and improve diversity in the source and subject of content Traffic to the C&EN website reached almost 3.8 million unique users and C&EN newsletters continue to drive readers to C&EN's growing body of digital first and digital only content.
Acs petroleum research fund - the acs petroleum research fund is a permanently restricted endowment established to provide resources for advanced scientific education and fundamental research in the petroleum field, which may include any field of pure science which affords a basis for subsequent research directly connected with the petroleum field. In 2019, the acs prf funded 176 grants, totaling $17.5 million. The grants included 68 new directions grants; 72 doctoral new investigator grants; 20 undergraduate research grants; and 16 undergraduate new investigator grants. The following types of grants are among those funded by the acs petroleum research fund: - research grants for fundamental research in the petroleum field at phd-granting institutions. Research grants to academic institutions for regularly appointed faculty scientists and engineers to assist advanced scientific education and fundamental research. - research grants for fundamental research in the petroleum field at the undergraduate level. Research grants to academic institutions on behalf of faculty members in departments not offering a doctoral degree, to support their research with participation by undergraduates. - research grants for fundamental research in the petroleum field for new faculty. Starter grants to assist the research of young faculty members with a phd degree who are within their first three years of their first academic appointment as regular faculty members of colleges and universities in the united states.
EDUCATION AND MEMBERSHIP SUPPORTING EXCELLENCE IN EDUCATION IS A STRATEGIC GOAL OF ACS. ACS RESOURCES, SERVICES, AND PRODUCTS FOSTER THE DEVELOPMENT OF INNOVATIVE, RELEVANT, AND EFFECTIVE CHEMISTRY AND CHEMISTRY-RELATED EDUCATION THAT PREPARES A SCIENTIFICALLY LITERATE CITIZENRY AND HIGHLY QUALIFIED CHEMICAL WORKFORCE READY TO ADDRESS GLOBAL CHALLENGES. IN 2019, ACS REACHED OUT TO NUMEROUS ELEMENTARY AND SECONDARY SCHOOL STUDENTS AND TEACHERS IN NEW AND INNOVATIVE WAYS. ACS PROVIDED A NEW GENERATION OF UNDERGRADUATE AND GRADUATE STUDENTS AND FACULTY WITH OPPORTUNITIES TO LEARN SKILLS THAT THEY WILL NEED TO COMPETE AND SUCCEED AS THEY MOVE FORWARD WITH THEIR CAREERS. THE AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF CHEMISTRY TEACHERS (AACT) LAUNCHED IN 2014, IS THE FIRST NATIONAL, CHEMISTRY-SPECIFIC ASSOCIATION OF ITS KIND DEDICATED TO K-12 TEACHERS. AACT ENDED 2019 WITH MORE THAN 6,710 MEMBERS, AN 18 PERCENT GROWTH SINCE 2018. IN 2019, THE ACS WEBSITE FOR THE "GET THE FACTS OUT" PROJECT WAS LAUNCHED, PROVIDING INFORMATION AND A TOOL KIT FOR CHANGING THE MISPERCEPTIONS AROUND CAREERS IN TEACHING SCIENCE AND MATH IN SECONDARY SCHOOLS. ONE OF FIVE SCIENTIFIC SOCIETIES THAT ESTABLISHED THE INCLUSIVE GRADUATE EDUCATION NETWORK, ACS ESTABLISHED THE ACS BRIDGE PROJECT TO INCREASE THE NUMBER OF UNDERREPRESENTED MINORITY STUDENTS WHO RECEIVE DOCTORAL DEGREES IN CHEMICAL SCIENCES. THE ACS BRIDGE PROGRAM AND ACS BRIDGE TRAVEL AWARDS LAUNCHED IN 2019. ONE OF ACS'S MOST SUCCESSFUL EFFORTS, THE ACS SCHOLARS PROGRAM, CONTINUES TO HELP UNDERREPRESENTED MINORITY STUDENTS ACHIEVE THEIR DREAMS OF OBTAINING DEGREES AND CAREERS IN A BROAD RANGE OF CHEMICAL SCIENCES. IN ALL, NEARLY 3,200 AFRICAN-AMERICAN, HISPANIC/LATINO, AND NATIVE AMERICAN STUDENTS HAVE PARTICIPATED IN THE PROGRAM SINCE 1995. OF THOSE, OVER 2,000 HAVE EARNED BACHELOR'S DEGREES IN A CHEMICAL SCIENCE AND OVER 330 OF THESE ACS SCHOLARS HAVE GONE ON TO EARN DOCTORAL DEGREES IN CHEMISTRY,CHEMICAL ENGINEERING, OR A RELATED DISCIPLINE. ANOTHER PREMIER PROGRAM, PROJECT SEED, OFFERS HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS THE RARE OPPORTUNITY TO WORK IN ACADEMIC, GOVERNMENT, OR INDUSTRIAL RESEARCH LABORATORIES FOR AN EIGHT-TO-TEN WEEK TERM DURING THE SUMMER TO ENGAGE IN HANDS-ON SCIENCE RESEARCH PROJECTS UNDER THE SUPERVISION OF VOLUNTEER SCIENTISTS. IN 2019, OVER 400 VOLUNTEER SCIENTISTS AND COORDINATORS MENTORED 454 STUDENTS IN MORE THAN 150 INSTITUTIONS IN 37 STATES, THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA AND PUERTO RICO. FOR THE 2019-2020 SCHOOL YEAR, ACS AWARDED 27 PROJECT SEED COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIPS TO ALUMNI ENTERING THEIR FRESHMAN YEAR IN COLLEGE. TWO PROJECT SEED COLLEGE SCHOLARS RECEIVED THE CIBA SPECIALTY CHEMICALS SCHOLARSHIPS FOR THREE-RENEWABLE YEARS BEGINNING WITH THEIR SOPHOMORE YEAR. THE FIRST LOCONTI SCHOLARS WINNER WAS SELECTED, RECEIVING A FOUR-YEAR RENEWABLE SCHOLARSHIP STARTING AT THE FRESHMAN YEAR. THE COLLECTION OF PROFESSIONAL AND CAREER DEVELOPMENT RESOURCES FOR STUDENTS AND EDUCATORS WAS EXPANDED WITH NEW AND ADDITIONAL WORKSHOPS, HELD IN-PERSON AND ONLINE. ELECTRONIC ACCESS TO CURRICULAR RESOURCES AND PUBLICATIONS WAS INCREASED. IN 2019, THE US CHEMISTRY OLYMPIAD TEAM CONTINUED ITS HISTORICALLY STRONG PERFORMANCE, WINNING ONE SILVER AND THREE GOLD MEDALS AT THE 51ST INTERNATIONAL CHEMISTRY OLYMPIAD. IN 2019, THE OUTREACH TRAINING PROGRAM WAS PILOTED, ENHANCING THE IMPACT OF CHEMISTRY FESTIVALS AND OTHER SCIENCE OUTREACH. CHEMISTS CELEBRATE EARTH WEEK AND NATIONAL CHEMISTRY WEEK ENGAGED 144 AND 165 ACS LOCAL SECTIONS, DISTRIBUTING OVER 86,000 AND 175,700 COPIES OF THE CHILDREN'S PUBLICATION "CELEBRATING CHEMISTRY", RESPECTIVELY. ACS ALSO JOINED THE INTERNATIONAL UNION OF PURE AND APPLIED CHEMISTRY AND OTHER CHEMICAL SOCIETIES AROUND THE WORLD IN CELEBRATING THE 150TH ANNIVERSARY OF DMITRI MENDELEEV'S PERIOD TABLE OF CHEMICAL ELEMENTS. ACS Membership & Society Services (M&SS) programs are administered with the vision that ACS will be the premier professional membership organization for all practitioners of chemistry worldwide. In 2019, the Society closed the year with over 152,000 members; the second consecutive year of total membership growth. Through numerous activities which include developing innovative membership benefits and dues initiatives, ACS continues to understand and act upon findings to ensure that this growth is sustainable in the future. International membership rose to a record high of over 30,000 members, now representing 20% of total membership. Membership programs are built around four fundamental objectives: - Advance the chemical sciences and technologies through the delivery of high-quality programs that provide cutting-edge technical information to all practitioners of chemistry and chemical engineering - Communicate the value of chemistry and chemical engineering to the public by facilitating excellent volunteer driven programs - Support a diverse community of multidisciplinary chemical professionals through value-based programs, services and information that allow chemical practitioners to develop and manage their careers in a global environment - Advance the frontiers of our science in a multidisciplinary, international context; ensure advances in scientific knowledge and education benefit the global scientific community; and foster a lifelong connection among international chemical professionals to ACS In 2019, the ACS held 2 National Meetings, enabled the organization of 7 regional meetings and supported 15 additional specialty meetings. More than 28,000 people combined attended the ACS national meetings in Orlando, FL and San Diego, CA and nearly 23,000 scientific papers were delivered at these events. Five hundred companies, encompassing 77,300 net square feet, exhibited. The first ACS Entrepreneur Pitch Training and Competition was held in the Expo Hall during the San Diego Meeting. The event was attended by over 50 attendees, and garnered engagement across a large sector of investors and innovators in the entrepreneurial space. The regional meetings attracted over 5,700 attendees combined, with over 3,700 scientific papers. Total attendance for the supported specialty meetings was 2,300. In the fall of 2019, 65 chapter leaders from 28 ACS International Chemical Sciences Chapters (ICSCs) and ACS International Student Chapters (ISCs) convened for two (regional) International Chapter Leadership Summits. The summits, which covered The Americas and The Middle East & Africa, were designed to equip volunteer leaders with tools and resources needed for chapter management; and, to strengthen the member community and engagement within and among their chapters. Two ACS Program-in-a-Box interactive webcasts were held during the year. The first celebrated the "International Year of the Periodic Table" followed by the National Chemistry Week theme, "Marvelous Metals". These unique online science events combined to reach 18,000 attendees and 733 groups. Attendees shared over 2,700 posts and photos on social media, pushing the event hashtag #ACSPIB into the top 10 trending topics on Twitter during both events. The global reach of ACS Program-in-a-Box continues to expand with a total of 43 groups joining internationally. Six ACS Career Day events were conducted in partnership with ACS local sections in 2019. The events, targeting mid-level career seekers, included workshops, employer showcases, and networking activities to support continued professional advancement. Individual career consulting appointments were made available exclusively to ACS members. Each event averaged 60 participants with over 63% of attendees reporting that the ACS Career Day was the first time they attended a live, in-person ACS event. More than 2,000 ACS members participated in the Office of Awards & Member Recognition programs in 2019 via the ACS National Awards Program, ACS Fellows Program, and/or the ACS ChemLuminary Awards. Members were either recognized with a National Award, inducted as an ACS Fellow, honored for grassroots activities, or participated in selection activities. Outreach activities included launching the Industry Matters newsletter. It achieved its three primary goals: (1) Establish regular communication between ACS and its industry members, (2) Deliver industry members with original content, and (3) Provide industry members, with an additional opportunity to contribute. About 10,000 industry members are engaging via this new channel. ACS Green Chemistry Institute held its Green Chemistry & Engineering Conference in conjunction with the 9th International Conference on Green and Sustainable Chemistry in Reston, VA. The conference was very well attended, including about 30% of attendees from industry. The 2019 Green Chemistry Challenge Awards were held in conjunction with the U.S. EPA. The Pharmaceutical roundtable membership continues to increase, currently with 34 members including associate and affiliate members. The new website www.acsgcipr.org was launched in 2019 and is the go-to place for the Roundtable'

Who funds American Chemical Society (ACS)

Grants from foundations and other nonprofits
American Chemical Society - Energy & Fuels Division$300,000
Fidelity Investments Charitable Gift FundFor Grant Recipient's Exempt Purposes$146,095
PittconInternational Visiting Scientists Program$25,000
...and 11 more grants received
Federal funding details
Federal agencyProgram nameAmount
...and 8 more federal grants / contracts

Personnel at ACS

Thomas M. ConnellyExecutive Director and Chief Executive Officer
Latrease E. GarrisonChief Operating Officer / Executive Vice President , Education
Al HorvathTreasurer and Chief Financial Officer
Albert G. HorvathBoard Member$367,851
John SullivanChief Information Officer , Washington It Operations$515,230
...and 15 more key personnel

Financials for ACS

RevenuesFYE 12/2020
Total grants, contributions, etc.$6,907,370
Program services$602,076,021
Investment income and dividends$27,444,759
Tax-exempt bond proceeds$0
Royalty revenue$2,634,672
Net rental income$-1,623
Net gain from sale of non-inventory assets$110,999,251
Net income from fundraising events$0
Net income from gaming activities$0
Net income from sales of inventory$0
Miscellaneous revenues$156,759
Total revenues$750,217,209

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2015-122017-02-22990View PDF
...and 6 more Form 990s
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