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Credit Unions

Cause IQ has information on 2,235 credit unions. These organizations typically have revenues from $1.4 million to $34 million, between 9 and 195 employees, and are 501(c)(14)s. Credit unions in Cause IQ can also be civic and social organizations, savings institutions, and grantmaking foundations.

Most popular credit unions

Crossstate Credit Union Association501(c)(6)Harrisburg, PA$6.1 million
Cooperative Credit Union Association (CCUA)501(c)(6)Marlborough, MA$5.5 million
State Employees' Credit Union501(c)(14)Raleigh, NC$1.6 billion
Credit Unions in the State of Washington Boeing Employees Credit Union (BECU)501(c)(14)Tukwila, WA$992 million
Vystar Credit Union501(c)(14)Jacksonville, FL$554 million
Suncoast Credit Union501(c)(14)Tampa, FL$553 million
The Golden 1 Credit Union501(c)(14)Sacramento, CA$525 million
Credit Unions Chartered in the State of Michigan - 48 Lake Michigan Credit Union501(c)(14)Grand Rapids, MI$520 million
Idaho Central Credit Union501(c)(14)Pocatello, ID$406 million
Wright-Patt Credit Union (WPCU)501(c)(14)Beavercreek, OH$342 million
Eastman Credit Union (ECU)501(c)(14)Kingsport, TN$342 million
Desert Financial Credit Union501(c)(14)Phoenix, AZ$333 million
Ent Credit Union501(c)(14)Colorado Springs, CO$326 million
Pennsylvania State Employees Credit Union (PSECU)501(c)(14)Harrisburg, PA$315 million
San Diego County Credit Union (SDCCU)501(c)(14)San Diego, CA$305 million
Wings Financial Credit Union501(c)(14)Apple Valley, MN$305 million
OnPoint Community Credit Union501(c)(14)Portland, OR$300 million
Delta Community Credit Union501(c)(14)Atlanta, GA$296 million
Texas Dow Employees Credit Union (TDECU)501(c)(14)Lake Jackson, TX$289 million
Bellco Credit Union501(c)(14)Greenwood Village, CO$286 million
Patelco Credit Union501(c)(14)Dublin, CA$276 million
Connexus Credit Union501(c)(14)Wausau, WI$275 million
Virginia Credit Union501(c)(14)Richmond, VA$263 million
Star One Credit Union501(c)(14)Sunnyvale, CA$255 million
Redwood Credit Union501(c)(14)Santa Rosa, CA$248 million
Space Coast Credit Union501(c)(14)Melbourne, FL$248 million
Landmark Credit Union501(c)(14)New Berlin, WI$240 million
Gecu501(c)(14)El Paso, TX$222 million
Summit Credit Union501(c)(14)Madison, WI$218 million
Navy Army Community Credit Union501(c)(14)Corpus Christi, TX$216 million
UW Credit Union501(c)(14)Madison, WI$216 million
Vizo Financial Corporate Credit Union501(c)(14)Greensboro, NC$215 million
Gesa Credit Union501(c)(14)Richland, WA$209 million
Wescom Credit Union501(c)(14)Pasadena, CA$207 million
Spokane Teachers Credit Union501(c)(14)Liberty Lake, WA$204 million
CREDIT UNIONS CHARTERED IN THE STATE OF MICHIGAN - 1192 Genisys CREDIT Union501(c)(14)Auburn Hills, MI$200 million
Canvas Credit Union (PSCU)501(c)(14)Lone Tree, CO$198 million
Teachers Credit Union501(c)(14)South Bend, IN$198 million
Travis Credit Union501(c)(14)Vacaville, CA$193 million
Washington State Employees Credit Union (WSECU)501(c)(14)Olympia, WA$192 million
Royal Credit Union (RCU)501(c)(14)Eau Claire, WI$185 million
State Employees Credit Union of Maryland (SECU)501(c)(14)Linthicum, MD$183 million
Safe Credit Union501(c)(14)Folsom, CA$183 million
Oregon Community Credit Union (OCCU)501(c)(14)Eugene, OR$182 million
CREDIT UNIONS CHARTERED IN THE STATE OF MICHIGAN - 96 DFCU Financial501(c)(14)Dearborn, MI$181 million
Numerica Credit Union501(c)(14)Spokane Valley, WA$175 million
Technology Credit Union501(c)(14)San Jose, CA$173 million
Knoxville Tva Employees Credit UNION501(c)(14)Knoxville, TN$170 million
Robins Financial Credit Union501(c)(14)Warner Robins, GA$169 million
Educators Credit Union (ECU)501(c)(14)Mount Pleasant, WI$166 million
FAIRWINDS Credit Union501(c)(14)Orlando, FL$164 million
Trustone Financial Credit Union501(c)(14)Plymouth, MN$161 million
General Electric Credit Union501(c)(14)Cincinnati, OH$159 million
Elevations Credit Union501(c)(14)Boulder, CO$154 million
California Credit Union501(c)(14)Glendale, CA$152 million
EECU Credit Union (EECU)501(c)(14)Fort Worth, TX$152 million
Community First Credit Union501(c)(14)Appleton, WI$150 million
Georgia's Own Credit Union501(c)(14)Atlanta, GA$147 million
Educational Employees Credit Union501(c)(14)Fresno, CA$140 million
First Community Credit Union501(c)(14)Chesterfield, MO$137 million
Corporate Central Credit Union501(c)(14)Muskego, WI$135 million
Vantage West Credit Union501(c)(14)Tucson, AZ$128 million
Credit Unions Chartered in the State of Michigan - 425 Michigan Schools and Govt Cred501(c)(14)Clinton Township, MI$126 million
Campus USA Credit Union501(c)(14)Jonesville, FL$122 million
Credit Unions Chartered in the State of Michigan - 71 Advia Credit Union501(c)(14)Kalamazoo, MI$117 million
Indiana Members Credit Union501(c)(14)Indianapolis, IN$115 million
California Coast Credit Union501(c)(14)San Diego, CA$114 million
Provident Credit Union501(c)(14)Redwood City, CA$114 million
Credit Union of Texas501(c)(14)Allen, TX$114 million
Florida Credit Union (FCU)501(c)(14)Gainesville, FL$110 million
Trumark Financial Credit Union501(c)(14)Fort Washington, PA$109 million
Premier America Credit Union501(c)(14)Chatsworth, CA$107 million
Together Credit Union501(c)(14)Saint Louis, MO$107 million
Altura Credit Union501(c)(14)Riverside, CA$106 million
Consumers Credit Union501(c)(14)Kalamazoo, MI$106 million
Sound Credit Union501(c)(14)Tacoma, WA$105 million
OneAz Credit Union (OneAZ)501(c)(14)Phoenix, AZ$105 million
CoVantage Credit Union501(c)(14)Antigo, WI$105 million
Michigan First Credit Union501(c)(14)Lathrup Village, MI$103 million
Arrowhead Credit Union501(c)(14)Rancho Cucamonga, CA$102 million
TwinStar Credit Union501(c)(14)Olympia, WA$102 million
Bayport Credit Union501(c)(14)Newport News, VA$100 million
Whatcom Educational Credit Union501(c)(14)Bellingham, WA$98 million
Lake Trust Credit Union501(c)(14)Brighton, MI$98 million
American Eagle Financial Credit Union501(c)(14)East Hartford, CT$96 million
37 KEMBA Financial Credit Union501(c)(14)Gahanna, OH$95 million
Achieva Credit Union501(c)(14)Dunedin, FL$95 million
Fox Communities Credit Union (FOXCU)501(c)(14)Appleton, WI$94 million
Community First Credit Union of Florida501(c)(14)Jacksonville, FL$94 million
Oregon State Credit Union501(c)(14)Corvallis, OR$94 million
FORUM Credit Union501(c)(14)Indianapolis, IN$93 million
Columbia Community Credit Union501(c)(14)Vancouver, WA$91 million
Selco Community Credit Union501(c)(14)Springfield, OR$90 million
Credit Union of Southern California501(c)(14)Anaheim, CA$90 million
WESTconsin Credit Union501(c)(14)Menomonie, WI$88 million
Kitsap Credit Union (KCU)501(c)(14)Bremerton, WA$86 million
Atlanta Postal Credit Union (APCU)501(c)(14)Atlanta, GA$86 million
Capital Credit Union501(c)(14)Green Bay, WI$85 million
First Community Credit Union of Houston501(c)(14)Houston, TX$83 million
Financial Partners Credit Union501(c)(14)Downey, CA$83 million
Northeast Credit Union501(c)(14)Portsmouth, NH$83 million
Credit Unions Chartered in the State of Michigan - 58 Honor Credit Union501(c)(14)Berrien Springs, MI$81 million
Lge Community Credit Union501(c)(14)Atlanta, GA$81 million
Spire Federal Credit Union501(c)(14)Falcon Heights, MN$81 million
Georgia United Credit Union501(c)(14)Duluth, GA$80 million
Orange County's Credit Union501(c)(14)Santa Ana, CA$80 million
First Entertainment Credit Union501(c)(14)Hollywood, CA$79 million
KeyPoint Credit Union (KPCU)501(c)(14)San Jose, CA$79 million
Central Minnesota Credit Union501(c)(14)Melrose, MN$78 million
iThink Financial501(c)(14)Delray Beach, FL$78 million
Texas Trust Credit Union501(c)(14)Arlington, TX$77 million
iQ Credit Union (IQCU)501(c)(14)Vancouver, WA$77 million
Max Credit Union501(c)(14)Montgomery, AL$76 million
Horizon Credit Union (HZCU)501(c)(14)Spokane Valley, WA$75 million
APCO Employees Credit Union501(c)(14)Birmingham, AL$74 million
Scott Credit Union501(c)(14)Edwardsville, IL$74 million
Harborstone Credit Union501(c)(14)Tacoma, WA$74 million
Community Choice Credit Union501(c)(14)Farmington Hills, MI$74 million
Associated Credit Union501(c)(14)Norcross, GA$74 million
Northwest Community Credit Union (NWCU)501(c)(14)Eugene, OR$74 million
Marine Credit Union501(c)(14)La Crosse, WI$73 million
Credit Unions Chartered in the State of Michigan - 1206 Dort Financial Credit Union501(c)(14)Grand Blanc, MI$72 million
Advantis Credit Union501(c)(14)Clackamas, OR$72 million
Truwest Credit Union501(c)(14)Tempe, AZ$72 million
Seven Seventeen Credit Union501(c)(14)Warren, OH$71 million
Credit Unions Chartered in the State of Michigan - 1038 Frankenmuth Credit Union501(c)(14)Frankenmuth, MI$70 million
Datcu Credit Union501(c)(14)Corinth, TX$70 million
Amplify Credit Union501(c)(14)Austin, TX$69 million
Meriwest Credit Union501(c)(14)San Jose, CA$69 million
CoastHills Credit Union501(c)(14)Santa Maria, CA$68 million
DuPont Community Credit Union (DCCU)501(c)(14)Waynesboro, VA$68 million
Community Financial Credit Union (CFCU)501(c)(14)Plymouth, MI$68 million
Hiway Credit Union501(c)(14)Saint Paul, MN$66 million
Unitus Community Credit Union501(c)(14)Portland, OR$64 million
Maps Credit Union501(c)(14)Salem, OR$64 million
Telhio Credit Union (TCU)501(c)(14)Columbus, OH$63 million
Credit Union ONE (CUONE)501(c)(14)Ferndale, MI$62 million
Sunmark Credit Union501(c)(14)Latham, NY$61 million
Mecu of Baltimore501(c)(14)Baltimore, MD$60 million
Credit UNIONS CHARTERED IN THE STATE OF MICHIGAN - 097 Vibe Credit Union (OCCU)501(c)(14)Novi, MI$60 million
Westerra Credit Union - 20 Westerra Credit Union501(c)(14)Denver, CO$60 million
Pelican State Credit Union501(c)(14)Baton Rouge, LA$59 million
Verve Credit Union501(c)(14)Oshkosh, WI$59 million
42 Kemba Credit Union501(c)(14)West Chester, OH$59 million
San Mateo Credit Union (SMCU)501(c)(14)Redwood City, CA$59 million
St Mary's Bank501(c)(14)Manchester, NH$59 million
Rivermark Community Credit Union501(c)(14)Beaverton, OR$59 million
Pacific Marine Credit Union501(c)(14)Oceanside, CA$59 million
Alabama Credit Union501(c)(14)Tuscaloosa, AL$57 million
Premier Members Credit Union (PMCU)501(c)(14)Broomfield, CO$57 million

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