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Radio Broadcasting Nonprofits

Cause IQ has information on 1,031 radio broadcasting nonprofits. These organizations typically have revenues from $229,119 to $2.9 million, between 3 and 31 employees, and are 501(c)(3)s. Radio broadcasting nonprofits in Cause IQ can also be civic and social organizations, religious organizations, and social advocacy organizations.

Most popular radio broadcasting nonprofits

Metropolitan Opera Association501(c)(3)New York, NY$307 million
WGBH Educational Foundation501(c)(3)Boston, MA$204 million
National Association of Broadcasters (NAB)501(c)(6)Washington, DC$73 million
Window To the World Communications (WTTW)501(c)(3)Chicago, IL$48 million
Whyy501(c)(3)Philadelphia, PA$37 million
Chicago Public Media501(c)(3)Chicago, IL$33 million
Antioch College501(c)(3)Yellow Springs, OH$16 million
National Public Radio (NPR)501(c)(3)Washington, DC$277 million
Greater Washington Educational Telecommunications Association (WETA)501(c)(3)Arlington, VA$117 million
KCRW Foundation501(c)(3)Santa Monica, CA$22 million
Niu Foundation501(c)(3)Dekalb, IL$16 million
Corporation for Public Broadcasting501(c)(3)Washington, DC$498 million
Educational Media Foundation / K-Love Radio501(c)(3)Rocklin, CA$201 million
Radio Free Europeradio Liberty (RFE/RL)501(c)(3)Washington, DC$124 million
Kqed501(c)(3)San Francisco, CA$121 million
CRISTA Ministries501(c)(3)Seattle, WA$117 million
Minnesota Public Radio501(c)(3)St Paul, MN$112 million
Middle East Broadcasting Networks501(c)(3)Springfield, VA$104 million
In Touch Ministries501(c)(3)Atlanta, GA$97 million
New York Public Radio501(c)(3)New York, NY$94 million
American Center for Law and Justice501(c)(3)Atlanta, GA$55 million
Radio Free Asia (RFA)501(c)(3)Washington, DC$55 million
Connecticut Public Broadcasting501(c)(3)Hartford, CT$53 million
Oregon Public Broadcasting501(c)(3)Portland, OR$40 million
Minnesota Orchestral Association501(c)(3)Minneapolis, MN$32 million
Rocky Mountain Public Media501(c)(3)Denver, CO$29 million
North Texas Public Broadcasting501(c)(3)Dallas, TX$28 million
Southern California Public Radio501(c)(3)Pasadena, CA$27 million
UWM Foundation501(c)(3)Milwaukee, WI$26 million
Colorado Public Radio501(c)(3)Centennial, CO$24 million
PRX (PRX)501(c)(3)Cambridge, MA$22 million
Insight for Living501(c)(3)Frisco, TX$17 million
Bible Broadcasting Network (BBN)501(c)(3)Charlotte, NC$14 million
VPM Media Corporation501(c)(3)Richmond, VA$13 million
Equal Access International501(c)(3)Washington, DC$13 million
WQED Multimedia501(c)(3)Pittsburgh, PA$12 million
Far East Broadcasting Company501(c)(3)La Mirada, CA$12 million
Friends of WLRN501(c)(3)Miami, FL$11 million
The Pacifica Foundation501(c)(3)Los Angeles, CA$11 million
The Moth501(c)(3)New York, NY$9.6 million
Kexp501(c)(3)Seattle, WA$9.6 million
WMHT Educational Telecommunications501(c)(3)Troy, NY$9.1 million
New Life Ministries501(c)(3)Lake Forest, CA$7.8 million
Youth Radio501(c)(3)Oakland, CA$7.3 million
Family Radio501(c)(3)Alameda, CA$7.2 million
Radio Research Consortium501(c)(6)Olney, MD$6.8 million
Endtime Ministries501(c)(3)Plano, TX$5.1 million
University Corporation at Monterey Bay501(c)(3)Seaside, CA$65 million
Ligonier Ministries501(c)(3)Sanford, FL$34 million
Maine Public (MPBN)501(c)(3)Lewiston, ME$17 million
Three Angels Broadcasting Network (3ABN)501(c)(3)West Frankfort, IL$14 million
Wxxi Public Broadcasting Council501(c)(3)Rochester, NY$13 million
Vermont Public Radio (VPR)501(c)(3)Colchester, VT$10 million
Witf501(c)(3)Harrisburg, PA$10 million
ETV Endowment of South Carolina (ETV)501(c)(3)Spartanburg, SC$9.2 million
Rhode Island PBS Foundation501(c)(3)Providence, RI$8.4 million
Cincinnati Public Radio501(c)(3)Cincinnati, OH$8.1 million
Rural California Broadcasting Corp KRCB-TV Channel 22 (KRCB)501(c)(3)Rohnert Park, CA$6.3 million
Hawaii Public Radio501(c)(3)Honolulu, HI$6.2 million
WVIA Public Media (WVIA)501(c)(3)Pittston, PA$5.5 million
Classical KING FM 98.1501(c)(3)Seattle, WA$4.8 million
Newark Public Radio501(c)(3)Newark, NJ$4.6 million
American Associates of the National Theatre (AANT)501(c)(3)New York, NY$4.0 million
Radio Vision Cristiana501(c)(3)Paterson, NJ$3.3 million
Living Waters Publications501(c)(3)Bellflower, CA$3.3 million
Broadcasters Foundation of America501(c)(3)New York, NY$2.8 million
Science Friday Initiative501(c)(3)New York, NY$2.8 million
Shalom Media USA501(c)(3)Philadelphia, PA$2.4 million
Futuro Media Group501(c)(3)New York, NY$2.3 million
City Arts and Lectures501(c)(3)San Francisco, CA$2.1 million
Wfmu-Fm501(c)(3)Jersey City, NJ$2.1 million
Stand to Reason501(c)(3)Signal Hill, CA$2.0 million
LA Theatre Works (LATW)501(c)(3)Venice, CA$2.0 million
Eternal Word Television Network501(c)(3)Irondale, AL$64 million
Turning Point w Dr David Jeremiah Turning Point Ministries501(c)(3)Lakeside, CA$64 million
Our Daily Bread Ministries / RBC Ministries501(c)(3)Grand Rapids, MI$49 million
Relevant Radio501(c)(3)Green Bay, WI$25 million
American Public Media (APM)501(c)(3)St Paul, MN$22 million
Public Radio International501(c)(3)Minneapolis, MN$17 million
WAY-FM Network501(c)(3)Colorado Springs, CO$17 million
KSBJ Educational Foundation501(c)(3)Humble, TX$15 million
Puerto Rico Broadcasting Corporation501(c)(3)San Juan, PR$14 million
Capital Public Radio Fdba KXPRKXJZ501(c)(3)Sacramento, CA$14 million
Western New York Public Broadcasting Association501(c)(3)Buffalo, NY$13 million
Wfyi Public Media501(c)(3)Indianapolis, IN$12 million
Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp501(c)(3)Twin Lake, MI$11 million
St Louis Regional Public Media501(c)(3)Saint Louis, MO$11 million
Indiana High School Athletic Association501(c)(3)Indianapolis, IN$10 million
Wisconsin Public Radio Association501(c)(3)Madison, WI$10 million
Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra501(c)(3)Rochester, NY$10 million
God's World Publications501(c)(3)Asheville, NC$10 million
Nevada Public Radio (KNPR)501(c)(3)Las Vegas, NV$9.5 million
Texas Public Radio501(c)(3)San Antonio, TX$9.4 million
Good News Broadcasting AssociationInc The Center for Bible Engagement501(c)(3)Lincoln, NE$9.4 million
New Hampshire Public Radio (NHPR)501(c)(3)Concord, NH$8.6 million
Prairie Public Broadcasting501(c)(3)Fargo, ND$8.3 million
Catholic Answers501(c)(3)El Cajon, CA$8.2 million
Nashville Public Radio501(c)(3)Nashville, TN$7.9 million
Wamc501(c)(3)Albany, NY$7.9 million
WJCT Public Broadcasting501(c)(3)Jacksonville, FL$7.8 million
Family Talk501(c)(3)Colorado Springs, CO$7.2 million
Positive Alternative Radio Incorporated (PAR)501(c)(3)Blacksburg, VA$7.2 million
Wfae-Fm501(c)(3)Charlotte, NC$6.8 million
Iowa Public Radio501(c)(3)Des Moines, IA$6.6 million
Wyep 913FM Wesa 905FM501(c)(3)Pittsburgh, PA$6.5 million
The Public Broadcasting Council of Cny501(c)(3)Syracuse, NY$6.5 million
Virginia Foundation for the Humanities and Public Policy (VFH)501(c)(3)Charlottesville, VA$6.4 million
Your Public Radio Corporation501(c)(3)Baltimore, MD$6.4 million
Brown Broadcasting Service501(c)(3)Providence, RI$6.3 million
Family Life Ministries501(c)(3)Bath, NY$6.2 million
Alaska Public Telecommunication501(c)(3)Anchorage, AK$6.1 million
Louisville Public Media501(c)(3)Louisville, KY$6.1 million
CoastAlaska501(c)(3)Juneau, AK$6.0 million
Z Ministries501(c)(3)Altamonte Springs, FL$5.8 million
Love Worth Finding Ministries501(c)(3)Memphis, TN$5.6 million
Christian Broadcasting of Idaho (CBI)501(c)(3)Twin Falls, ID$5.4 million
WWOZ 90.7 FM New Orleans501(c)(3)New Orleans, LA$5.4 million
Radio Kingston Corporation501(c)(3)Kingston, NY$5.3 million
WKNO Public Broadcasting for the Mid-South501(c)(3)Cordova, TN$5.3 million
Florida Public Media501(c)(3)St Petersburg, FL$5.1 million
Kunc (KUNC)501(c)(3)Greeley, CO$5.0 million
Alabama Educational Television Foundation Authority501(c)(3)Birmingham, AL$5.0 million
National Religious Broadcasters (NRB)501(c)(3)Washington, DC$3.8 million
Kmfa Classical 895501(c)(3)Austin, TX$3.1 million
Tom Joyner Foundation501(c)(3)Dallas, TX$2.2 million
NPR Foundation501(c)(3)Washington, DC$19 million
KUOW-Puget Sound Public Radio501(c)(3)Seattle, WA$18 million
Associated Students of the University of California Santa Barbara501(c)(3)Santa Barbara, CA$13 million
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Foundation501(c)(3)New York, NY$2.4 million
Worlds Greatest Book Broadcasters501(c)(3)Des Moines, WA$5.7 million
Cedar Ridge Children's Home and School501(c)(3)Williamsport, MD$4.9 million
WSKG Public Telecommunications Council (WSKG)501(c)(3)Vestal, NY$4.8 million
JPR Foundation (JPRF)501(c)(3)Ashland, OR$4.7 million
Family First501(c)(3)Tampa, FL$4.7 million
Spy Hop Productions501(c)(3)Salt Lake City, UT$4.6 million
Crown Financial Ministries501(c)(3)Knoxville, TN$4.3 million
On Being Project501(c)(3)Minneapolis, MN$4.3 million
Global Outreach Mission501(c)(3)Getzville, NY$4.1 million
WGTE Public Media501(c)(3)Toledo, OH$4.1 million
Wmfe501(c)(3)Orlando, FL$4.1 million
All Classical Public Media501(c)(3)Portland, OR$3.8 million
River Radio Ministries501(c)(3)Columbus, OH$3.8 million
The Public's Radio501(c)(3)Providence, RI$3.7 million
International Board of Jewish Missions501(c)(3)Hixson, TN$3.7 million
American Private Radio501(c)(3)Oxford, MS$3.7 million
Bethesda Christian Broadcasting501(c)(3)Colorado Springs, CO$3.6 million
South Dakota Public Broadcasting (SDPB)501(c)(3)Sioux Falls, SD$3.5 million
Radio Milwaukee501(c)(3)Milwaukee, WI$3.4 million
Haven Ministries / Anchor Devotional501(c)(3)Riverside, CA$3.4 million
WQLN Public Media501(c)(3)Erie, PA$3.3 million

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