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Yi Accounting Inc

Yi Accounting Inc is a firm that provides tax accounting to nonprofit clients. They primarily provide their services regionally, with most clients in New York (although they are present in other states as well).

Most Yi Accounting Inc clients are grantmaking foundations with revenues ranging from $0 to $348,870.

Primary location:
Brooklyn, NY
All locations:
Identified clients:
Avg client size:
$118 thou revenue
Median client size:
$27 thou revenue

Yi Accounting Inc client list

1TGVZG Foundation501(c)(3)Brooklyn, NY
2Techiles Foundation501(c)(3)Brooklyn, NY
3Yad Olga Foundation501(c)(3)Atlantic Beach, NY
4S&E Family Foundation501(c)(3)Brooklyn, NY
5Rosner Family Foundation501(c)(3)Brooklyn, NY
6Alexander Margolis Foundation501(c)(3)Brooklyn, NY
7Live and Give Foundation501(c)(3)Brooklyn, NY
8Silber Family Foundation501(c)(3)Brooklyn, NY
9Cong Oiz Vehudar501(c)(3)Brooklyn, NY
10Kerem Family Foundation501(c)(3)Brooklyn, NY
...and 70 more Yi Accounting Inc not-for-profit tax-exempt clients identified by Cause IQ

Yi Accounting Inc competitors

Competitors to Yi Accounting Inc in the nonprofit sector include Aron Hirschfeld CPA PC, Louis T Roth and Company, Adair and Evans An Accountancy Corporation, Chugh CPAs LLP, Silas Simmons LLP, Malesardi Quackenbush Swift and Co LLC, Apple Koceja and Associates PA, 1800accountant LLC, Sickler Tarpey and Associates, and Malloy and Co CPA Inc.

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