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Find organizations in specific target markets

Use over 400 filters to help you find the right organizations to grow your nonprofit client base

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With over 400 fields available for filtering, Cause IQ helps you quickly find the organizations that are in your target market. Our customers use the search filter sidebar to drill down on organizations based on relevant quantitative (e.g., Total revenues, Total expenses) and qualitative (e.g., Issues and missions, All vendors and service providers) information. Once you find the organizations that are a good fit for your products or services, you can save your search queries so you can easily access them for future use.

To begin narrowing down on your target market, you first need to open Cause IQ's search interface. You can access the search interface to create a new search from:

  • The "New organization search" button on your Dashboard
  • The spyglass icon on your navigation bar
  • The "Start organization search with filters" below the Smart Search Box

Here's a look at where you can create a new search from your Dashboard:

Create a new search from your Dashboard

Adding appropriate filters

Cause IQ's search filter sidebar lets you filter by over 400 fields so you can narrow down on the organizations that matter to you. Cause IQ's filters are organized in the following sections:

  • Common: The most common filters among our customers, as well as recommended filters for your specific industry.
  • Recent: Your recently-used filters, along with your most-frequently used filters from the past six months
  • All: Access all 400 filters available in Cause IQ. We have grouped the filters into separate topical sections, with 5-20 different filters per section.
  • Find by keyword (search icon): Search for a specific filter by typing in the filter's name. This also searches the description of filters. 

Once you find the filter(s) you want to add:

  1. Make the appropriate selections for the qualitative filters
  2. Enter the appropriate values for the quantitative filters
  3. Type the appropriate names/keywords in the text filters
  4. Click "Add filter"

Here's an overview video showing you how to add qualitative, quantitative, and text filters to your Cause IQ search query:

Cause IQ's financial search filters help customers financially segment organizations. Cause IQ's qualitative search filters help them find organizations according to their missions and programs and identify opportunities using specific vendors. The text filters help customers find specific organizations (e.g., Name filter), and also find organizations when there isn't an appropriate selection available in the qualitative filters. Many customers add appropriate keywords and phrases to the Detailed description filter to help them find these organizations.

Search for organizations using multiple metrics

Cause IQ's financial and quantitative filters have different metric options available for filtering. These metrics, for example, allow you to find organizations by growth rates or how percentage of their revenue, assets, or other financials come from specific areas. The metric options available for Cause IQ's quantitative filters include:

  • Value
  • One-year growth
  • Percent of revenues
  • Percent of expenses
  • Percent of budget
  • Percent of assets

When adding a quantitative filter to your search query, click the "Metric" drop-down to view the available metrics for the specific field. Different fields in Cause IQ have different metrics available. Here's an overview video showing you how to add quantitative filters using different metrics in Cause IQ:

Save your search queries

Cause IQ customers use the save search feature to help them easily access their target markets at later points in time. After you add appropriate filters to drill down on a target market, choose the floppy disk icon on the right of the screen in the search interface. Cause IQ takes you to the "Save this search query" webpage. This is where you give your search a name and save it by clicking "Save". Here's a look at where you choose to save your searches from Cause IQ's search interface:

Save your searches

You can access your saved searches directly from your Cause IQ Dashboard. Simply click on the "Saved searches" section on the left and find the name of the search you want to access. You can re-open your saved searches in the search interface by clicking "Open search".

Do you want to monitor your target markets for updates? Check out this help article to learn how Cause IQ can notify you when new organizations meet your target criteria.