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The "Vendors" section on an organization's profile

Identify the vendors and service providers an organization works with

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Organizations across the country work with and spend billions of dollars on a number of different vendors and service providers (e.g., accounting firms, professional fundraisers, and IT companies) to help carry out their missions. Gaining insights on how organizations in Cause IQ interact with service providers is easily done by viewing the "Vendors" section within their profile. The "Vendors" section shows you all the vendors and contractors Cause IQ identifies an organization using.

The information available within the "Vendors" section includes the name of the vendor(s), the service they are providing to the organization, the amount the organization paid the vendor, and the date of the most recent piece of data that confirmed the organization using the vendor. Cause IQ identifies these vendors from a variety of data sources, including the Form 990 and our website crawler.

To access an organization's "Vendors" section, first select the appropriate organization from the "List" view in the Cause IQ search interface. Doing this brings you to the organization's profile; you access the vendor information by selecting the "Vendors" tab in the middle of the page.  Here's a look at the "Vendors" section within an organization's profile:

Here's a look at the Vendors tab on an organization's profile

You can access additional information on a specific vendor by clicking the company's name in the "Vendors" section. Doing this takes you to the company's vendor profile within Cause IQ.

Professional fundraisers

Many organizations use professional fundraising firms and fundraising consultants to help them raise money from their advocates and the public alike. These funds play a crucial role in helping organizations carry out their missions. Organizations are required to record the 10 highest compensated fundraising firms that receive more than $5,000 from the organization for their services. Organizations report these details in Schedule G of the Form 990. If an organization fills this section out, there's a "Professional fundraisers" part within their "Vendors" section. 

This section lists the name of the professional fundraising firm, the activity, the gross amount raised from the activity, the net amount raised from the activity, the percent paid out to the firm and the "Date," which represents the fiscal year end of the corresponding Form 990. Here's a look at the "Professional fundraisers" part within the "Vendors" section: 

Here's a look at the "Professional fundraisers" section within the "Vendors" tab

Accounting services

The accounting firm that prepares an organization's tax return (Form 990) is required to report their information on the first page of the form. You can quickly identify which firm and partner from that firm prepared an organization's most recent Form 990. The "Accounting services" section within the "Vendors" tab provides this information.

Many organizations receive contributions from the federal government to help carry out their missions. If an organization reports receiving $750,000 or more in federal assistance, they are required to undergo an A-133 single audit. The examination aims to ensure the organization is using the funds they received correctly. If an organization undergoes an A-133 single audit, the "Accounting services" section contains information on the audit. You can see which specific agencies and programs the organization is receiving funds from by selecting "See detailed information on the A-133 audit." Here's a screenshot of the "A-133 Single Audit firms" and "Tax preparer firms" information within the "Vendors" section of an organization's profile:

Accounting services

Technology tools

Cause IQ identifies which technology products an organization is using from a number of sources, including our website crawler and Cause IQ's research team. The "Vendors" section includes a part showing the technologies Cause IQ identifies the organization using. Within "Software / technology tools", you see details on the social media an organization is engaging in, the CRM they are using and any other identified technologies. Here is a screenshot of the "Software / technology" part within the "Vendors" section of an organization's profile:

Technology tools