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Search interface overview

The ins-and-outs of Cause IQ's search interface

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The Cause IQ search interface is where our customers spend the majority of their time while on Cause IQ. This is where you can put together target market searches, access organizations profiles, analyze market segments, create bulk reports, and more.

Search filter sidebar

Cause IQ's search filter sidebar helps you segment organizations meeting specific search criteria (e.g., 501(c)(3)s, > $2.5M in revenues, in Washington DC) and update existing filters. You can access over 400 fields that are available for filtering from the search filter sidebar. Cause IQ filters are organized in the following sections:

  • Common: The most common filters among our customers, as well as recommended filters for your specific industry.
  • Recent: Your recently-used filters, along with your most-frequently-used filters from the past six months
  • All: Access all 400 filters available in Cause IQ. We have grouped the filters into separate topical sections, with 5-20 different filters per section.
  • Find by keyword (search icon): Search for a specific filter by typing in the filter's name. This also searches the description of filters.

Check out this article for more details on the search filter sidebar and adding filters to your search query.

Here's a look at the search filter sidebar within the search interface:

The search filter sidebar

Tools and features

This section of the search interface is where you have access to different tools and features to help you work with your organization segment. Once you create your search query, you can use:

Here's a look at the tools and features section of the search interface:

Tools and features in search interface

Save your searches

You can save your search segment by clicking on the floppy-disk icon on the right side of the screen. Your future self will thank you for doing this. When you save your search, you won't have to recreate the search from scratch and you can easily open the search with the relevant organizations from the Dashboard. Click here to learn more about saving your searches and monitoring them for updates.

Here's a look at where you save your search:

Save your search