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Get Cause IQ's Core Subscription to research nonprofits in-depth, segment specific types of organizations, and explore grants made and received within the sector.
  • See which personnel work at an organization
  • Find specific organizations, using more than 400 filters
  • Learn which foundations fund which organizations, including grant amounts and details
  • No more rate limits on how your searches
  • Discover which nonprofits use which vendors
  • No long-term commitment, cancel at anytime

Note: Bulk export reports of multiple organizations into a spreadsheet (other than in the foundation search) is not included. It requires an additional per-record purchase (of $0.50 per record) or our Pro Subscription.

Explore federal funding

Learn federal grants and contracts that an organization receives
  • See results from A-133 Single Audits conducted on federal nonprofit contractors and grantees
  • Search organizations by CFDA programs and federal agencies contracted with
  • Learn funding amounts and programs descriptions of federal grants and contracts

What you get

See how this Core Subscription compares to the free account and Pro Subscription
Normal costFree$299/mo$399/mo
501(c)(3) costFree$199/mo$299/mo
Commitment-Month-to-month12 months
Org grants madeFirst 3AllAll
Org vendors usedFirst 1AllAll
Org grants receivedFirst 3AllAll
Org personnelFirst 5AllAll
Contact informationNoYes, if availableYes, if available
Search filters8 filters400+ filters400+ filters
Export in bulkNoAdditional purchaseUnlimited
Benchmark toolsNoNoYes
CRM integrationNoNoYes