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Finding membership-based organizations

Find membership organizations with a simple category or detailed revenue characteristics

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Looking to filter search results to organizations with members? There are two ways to find these organizations, both based on how organizations earn revenue:

  1. Membership-based category in the Category filter field
  2. All member fees, dues, etc. revenue field

Both fields are proprietary Cause IQ fields, generated by analyzing the different revenue sources (e.g., program service revenue line-items, membership dues) that organizations self-report in the Form 990.

"Membership-based" category

You can access the Membership-based category two ways: 

  1. In the "Common"filters tab, go to the Categories filter and select the "Membership-based".
  2. In the "All" filters tab within the "Categories and characteristics" section, select Categories and then search for "Membership-based".

Organizations are automatically tagged with the Membership-based category if they have more than 10% of revenues coming from membership-related sources or if they have more than $1,000,000 in membership-related revenue in total.

You can also search membership-based revenues directly. Simply add the All member fees, dues, etc. revenue filter, within the "Revenue: General" section of the "All" filters tab. This composite filter combines all membership-based sources of revenue into one field. You can also search the Percent of total metric using this filter, which is the percent of all revenue coming from membership-derived sources.