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Financially segment organizations

Segment organizations based on different types of revenues, expenses, and assets

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Cause IQ digitizes dozens of financial line items from organizations' Form 990s. We implement these financial fields as filters to help you segment organizations and gain insights on how the organizations earn their revenue and how they spend it. 

Types of revenues

How organizations earn their money reveals much about their missions, how they are structured, and the types of activities they do. Organizations earn revenues from a number of sources, including donations, grants, program services, membership fees, and fundraising events.

Grants and donations

Many nonprofits rely on grants and donations to fund their missions. These revenues come from the government, foundations, and individuals alike. Cause IQ has filters that allow you to search for organizations based on the contributions they receive.

You can access the revenue from contributions filters within the "Revenue: Donations, grants" section of the "All" filters tab. This section breaks down the contributions into separate filters, allowing you to segment organizations by how much and where they get their funding from.

The Total grants, contributions, etc. filter includes all government grants, individual giving, grants from foundations, and any membership dues. Unfortunately, the IRS doesn't require organizations to separate out online giving or individual contributions, but Cause IQ's Normal grants, contributions, etc. is the filter to use to filter by individual and foundation giving. The Government grants (contributions) filter includes grants and similar contributions from local, state, and federal governments. You can search these filters a "Value," "Percent of revenues," and as a percent of "One-year growth." Here's a look at the different donations and grants fields:

Program service revenues

Many nonprofits sell services or products to fund their missions and everyday operations. This is particularly true for trade associations, hospitals, schools, and social service organizations. Revenue from organizations providing paid services is called program service revenue. Cause IQ allows you to search for the total amount of program service revenue and for specific types of program service revenue by keyword descriptions (organizations provide very short descriptions of their different program service revenue sources). 

You can access both the Program services revenue and Program service, keywords filters in the "Revenue: General" section of the "All" filters tab. You can search the Program services revenue filter as a "Value," "Percent of revenues," and as a percent of "One-year growth." You can search the Program service, keywords filter using keywords or phrases (e.g., "tuition," "ticket sales," "fees") to search for organizations with specific types of program service revenue. Here's a look at the program service filters:

Member and membership revenues

Organizations report the types of revenues they receive from their members, both normal membership dues and fees their members pay for additional benefits. You can identify membership-based organizations by searching for organizations with membership revenues above an amount (e.g., $1,000,000), or with a percentage of total revenues coming from membership (e.g., 40%). 

You can access membership revenues with the All member fees, dues, etc. filter, found in the "Revenue: General" section of the "All" filters tab. This field combines a few different sources of membership-derived revenue (e.g., membership dues, member-related program service revenues) into one easy-to-use-field. You can search the All member fees, dues, etc. filter as a "Value" or as a "Percent of revenues." Here's a look at the All member fees, dues, etc. filter:

Fundraising event revenues

Fundraising events (e.g., golf tournaments, galas) play an important role in supporting many organizations missions and activities. You can search for organizations that throw fundraising events, and understand the characteristics and types of events they throw.

You can access fundraising event revenue with the All income from fundraising events filter, found in the "Revenue: Fundraising events, gaming, etc." section of the "All" filters tab. You can search the All income from fundraising events filter as a "Value," "Percent of revenues," and as a percent of "One-year growth." Similarly to program services revenue, you can use keywords in the Fundraising event details filter to search for organizations throwing certain types of fundraising events. This All income from fundraising events filter is our recommended filter for fundraising event revenue, as it combines a few different fundraising-related fields in the Form 990 into one easy-to-use field. Additionally, within the Fundraising event details filter, you can search by "Gross event revenue", which is the amount of revenue raised for a specific fundraising event, if you wanted to look for organizations that had individual events that raised a large amount of money. Here's a look at the fundraising event filters:

Expenditure fields

Nonprofit organizations must track their expenditures closely to make sure nothing goes to waste. Organizations spend money on a number of things including compensation, travel, products and services, and different types of grants. Cause IQ digitizes nearly 40 expenditure line items from the From 990. The available expense fields are broken down into the following sections, in the "All" filters tab of the search filter sidebar:

  • Expenses: General: Total expenses and other general costs
  • Expenses: Fee-for-service: Costs associated with procuring products and services
  • Expenses: Compensation: Salaries and benefits to employees 
  • Expenses: Grants and member benefits: Contributions to other organizations, governments, and individuals

You can search most of the expenditure filters in Cause IQ by "Value," "Percent of expenses," "Percent of budget," and as a percent of "One-year growth." Here's a look at the expenditure field sections in Cause IQ:

Expenditure fields

Investable assets

Many Cause IQ customers care about the amount of assets organizations have in their endowments. From trade associations to foundations, tens of thousands of organizations have assets invested in stocks, bonds, and other investments. While the IRS does not include an investable assets line item on the Form 990, Cause IQ has implemented our All cash, savings, and investments filter, which is the best proxy for investable assets. It combines amounts of cash; cash-equivalents; savings; short-term investments; publicly traded stocks, bonds, and securities; other investments in securities, partnerships, or funds that are not publicly traded; and program-related investments (Form 990, Part X, Lines 1, 2, 11, 12, and 13).

You can access the All cash, savings, and investments filter in both the "Common" filters tab and within the "Assets: General" section of the "All" filters tab. You can search the All cash, savings, and investments filter as a "Value," "Percent of assets," or as a percent of "One-year growth." This filter includes the organizations non-interest bearing cash, savings, invested publically traded securities, and any other program-related investments. Here's a look at the All cash, savings, and investments filter: