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Related organizations and companies (and their transactions)

See related tax-exempt organizations, companies, disregarded entities, and related transactions (from Schedule R of the Form 990)

You can see Schedule R information on related entities right within an organization's profile. For organizations with Schedule R information that we have digitized, you'll see a "Related entities" tab on their profile. If you want to download this information, just download a detailed Excel-based organization report. There will be a separate "Related entities" worksheet with this information. There are three different sections for related entities (not all sections appear on all organizations):

Related companies and organizations

Related companies and organizations can controlled by this organization, be controlled by the same person or persons that control this organization, be parents, subsidiaries, brother or sister organizations, supporting and/or supported organizations, sponsoring organizations of a VEBA, or contributing employer of a VEBA. This list also includes unrelated partnership, where this organization was a partner or member of the partnership and conducted more than 5% of its activities through the partnership.

Transactions with controlled entities

These are transactions that this organization engaged in with their controlled entities (e.g., LLCs, other nonprofits, etc. controlled by this organization). Transactions include all receipts or accruals of interest, annuities, royalties, or rent from a controlled entity; and also other type of transaction if the amounts involved exceed $50,000.

Disregarded entities

These are other companies or organizations that are treated as disregarded entities for this organization. These disregarded entities tend to be LLCs or other organizations completely owned by this organization. The IRS treats these disregarded entities as part of this organization for tax purposes, even though they are separate legal entities. Please talk to a CPA for technical details (we can point you towards one of our partners!).

Related entities tab of an organization profile