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Find the right key personnel at organizations

Identify relevant personnel by their job levels and functions, export contact information in bulk, and view identified personnel working at an organization

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When you're looking to grow your nonprofit client base, it's crucial that you have access to accurate and up-to-date personnel information so you can introduce your product(s) or service(s). That's why Cause IQ has a half dozen data sources dedicated to identifying the staff and board members at organizations. Additionally, our tools and features help you:

  • Identify relevant key personnel
  • Export contact information in bulk
  • View identified staff and board members at a given organization

Personnel levels and functions

To help you find the right personnel quickly, Cause IQ breaks down personnel by their job levels (e.g., "Chief," "Board," "Manager") and functions (e.g., "Marketing," "Executive," "Accounting"). You'll see levels and functions used multiple places, including choosing which people to include in a bulk report, finding specific individuals with the People search, and seeing which people work at specific organizations from the "Personnel" tab of the organization's profile page.

Job levels represent how high up in a given organization's hierarchy a position is. Since there's great variation in the nonprofit sector with the title structures organizations use -- charities typically use directors where associations use vice presidents and chiefs -- we recommend selecting multiple levels when searching and exporting personnel. This will help you isolate the right personnel across all types of organizations.

Job functions represent the general responsibilities and activities for a position. To help our customers find the right personnel we have grouped similar job functions, such as "Marketing / Communications." The selected job functions are combined with the levels, so any combination of level and function will result in a match. For example, if you select "Chief," "Director," and "Vice president" as your levels and "Executive," "Marketing / Communications," and "Finance" as your functions, you can expect to return personnel with the following job titles: 

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • Director of Finance
  • Vice President of Communications
Position levels and functions

Export personnel records to a CSV

Cause IQ customers use the purpose-built "Export" tool to generate CSV files of relevant organization and personnel records. Once the information is out of Cause IQ, most customers share the information with their colleagues and/or load the details back into their CRM. Here are the general steps:

  • Step 1

    Choose the organizations whose personnel you want to export

    Either create a new search for a desired target market, load a saved search, or open a list (from scratch or an uploaded CSV file). To open a list:

    1. Go to the "Lists" section on the left of your Dashboard
    2. Select the name of the list that contains the organizations you want to export
    3. Click the "Open" button on the right 
  • Step 2

    Access the "Export" tool

    Select the "Export" tab from the search interface to access the "Export" tool.

  • Step 3

    Select your export type

    Since you're looking to export personnel records, choose "Personnel, with organization details" in the "What to export" section of the "What" step.

  • Step 4

    Select your personnel settings

    In the "Personnel" step of the export process:

    1. Choose the appropriate position levels and functions for the personnel you want to include in your export
    2. Set the maximum number of contacts you want to export from a given organization (Cause IQ exports the highest ranking personnel first)
    3. Select the appropriate contact information criteria (if you're looking only to export personnel with email addresses, we suggest you choose the first and third options)

    Pro tip: Choose to "Preview" your matching personnel, so you can check to make sure you're exporting the right type of contacts and see how many personnel records your CSV file will contain.

  • Step 5

    Choose the organization and personnel details you want to include in your export

    In the "Columns" step of the export process, select the organization and personnel details you want to export

  • Step 6

    Check your export settings and generate your report

    In the "Confirm" step of the export process, we suggest you:

    Lastly, select "Create spreadsheet" and Cause IQ begins processing your export.
  • Step 7

    Download your CSV file

    Once Cause IQ processes your export, you can download the CSV file directly in the website from the blue pop-up notification. Additionally, your report is available for download from your Dashboard and Cause IQ emails you the file.

  • Step 8

    Load your personnel records for future use

    Now that you have your CSV file containing organization and personnel records, follow your CRM's, email marketing software's, etc. data loading process to load the information for future use.

Here's an overview video that takes you through Cause IQ's export process:

For Salesforce users, create new Contact / Lead records in bulk

The process of creating new Contact / Lead records in Salesforce is very similar to the steps above. If you're looking to create new records in Salesforce, make sure to select "Salesforce" under the "CSV or Salesforce" section in the "What" step of the export process. When configuring the Salesforce integration, you map your Salesforce fields to corresponding fields in Cause IQ. Since the mapping is done beforehand, there's no need to select the information you want Cause to export to Salesforce.

After you review your Salesforce export selections, click "Start Salesforce export" and Cause IQ begins processing your request. When creating a Contact record in Salesforce, Cause IQ will automatically create the corresponding Account and link the Contact record (if an Account for the person's organization doesn't already exist).

Once your export is complete (please note that Salesforce exports take longer than CSV exports), Cause IQ provides a CSV file that shows you the new records that were created and any that were deduped. Here's a screenshot of the "What" step that shows you where you choose to export directly to Salesforce: 

Export directly to Salesforce

See staff and board members at an organization

When researching specific organizations, many Cause IQ customers want to know the identified personnel working at the given organization. That's why Cause IQ includes the "Personnel" section on organization profile pages. The information available in the "Personnel" section includes an individual's:

  • Name
  • Job position(s)
  • Email address (if available)
  • Direct phone number (if available)
  • Form 990 compensation (if available)
  • LinkedIn profile (if available)

All personnel in Cause IQ are stamped with a "Date of data" date. This date represents the last time one of our data sources confirmed the individual working at the organization. Here's a look at the "Personnel" section on an organization's profile:

The "Personnel" section on an organizations profile

View dedicated profiles for key personnel

All personnel in Cause IQ have a unique profile that you can access to view all their information in one place. Cause IQ's personnel profiles contain descriptive, contact, and compensation information. The specific fields available for a given person vary based on the data sources we have for that person. You can access an individual's personnel profile by clicking on their name from the "Personnel" tab of the corresponding organization's profile. If you're looking for information on a specific person, you can use Cause IQ's people search to access the individual's profile. Here's a look at an individual's profile page in Cause IQ:

Individual's profile page

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