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Discover which foundations fund your peers

Understand the top funders for a group of your peers and learn where a specific organization gets its grants from

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Looking at which foundations make grants to your peers (other organizations like yours) can be a great way to identify potential funders for your nonprofit. Cause IQ's funding tool, found within the search interface and available when you've narrowed down to 5,000 or fewer organizations, is designed to do just that; in addition to providing a list of foundations that make grants to organizations like yours, the tool allows you to view detailed information about grants to your peers, including the number of grants made, grant sizes, and grant descriptions.

Create a peer search and access the funding tool

The first step to using the funding tool is to set up a peer search in Cause IQ's search interface (or open a manual list you've created in Cause IQ of hand picked organizations). The easiest way to get to the search interface is by clicking the "New organization search" button on your dashboard.

To create a new peer search, add filters that match your own organization’s characteristics. For example, if you're a Development Director at a medium-sized museum in the Seattle area, you could add the following filters:

  • Types - Museums
  • Location - Metro: Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue, WA
  • Total revenues - $1M to $10M (select a range that aligns with your organization's size)

Your search results will include your peer organizations — you'll probably even see your own nonprofit within the list! With your peer search created, you can now click the "Funding" tab from the search interface to launch the funding tool. Note that the funding tool only works when you've narrowed down to 5,000 or fewer organizations.

This video shows you how to add these filters to your peer search and where to then access the funding tool:

View funding details and search for funders by name

Inside the funding tool, you'll see a "Top funder details" section listing the foundations making grants to your peers, ordered by the number of grants made to the organizations in your search results. Scanning down the list, you may see some of your own current funders. You might also note some foundation names that aren’t already on your radar — this is a great opportunity to discover new prospects that have a history of making grants to nonprofits like yours.

For each grantmaker Cause IQ has identified making grants to the organizations in your search, you'll see the following characteristics of the grants made to your peer group:

  • The total number of grants made
  • Average grant size
  • Sum of all grants
  • Smallest grant size
  • Largest grant size

You can sort the foundation list by the column headers. Simply click the appropriate column header and the list will sort itself.

You'll also see a "Search funders..." search box above the list of foundations. This lets you search for a specific foundation by name to see if Cause IQ has identified them giving to the organizations in your search.

Here's a screenshot of the "Top funder details" section of the funding tool:

Top funder details - museum example

View the specific grants a foundation makes to an organization

On the far right of the page, you see the "Grants" column. This column includes a "View grants" link for all the foundations Cause IQ has identified as grantmakers to your nonprofit segment. If you click on a "View grants" link, a popup displays some high-level details on the foundation, including:

You'll also see the specific grants the foundation has made to your peers. You can see the grant recipient organization name, what the grant was for, and the grant amount. Here's an example of what you'll see in this "View grants" popup:

Funding tool - view grant details - ArtsFund

View the largest identified grants received by your peers

Scrolling to the bottom of the page within the funding tool, you'll find a "Top grant details" section. This section shows the 25 largest grants made to the organizations in your search. Here you can see the grant amount, grantmaker name, grant recipient name, the fiscal year the grant was made, and the grant description.

Here's what this "Top grant details" section looks like:

Top grant details - Funding tool

See where a specific organization gets its grants from

In addition to looking at which foundations support a group of your peers, you can also conduct in-depth research on the grant funding of a specific nonprofit. The funding tab on an organization's profile page provides a detailed look at all funding sources, including grants, and gives you the complete picture of where a peer organization gets its money from.

To access the funding tab, first you'll need to open up the Cause IQ profile page for the organization. There are a couple of ways to do this:

  • Type the organization's name, EIN, or website URL into one of our smart search boxes found on the dashboard and the search interface.
  • Click a linked organization profile page displayed in your search results, or from within our funding or table tools.

With the desired profile page open, scroll down to where to you see several tabs along the lefthand side of the page and click the "Funding" tab.

This screenshot shows where to locate the funding tab at the bottom of an organization's profile page:

Funding tab - organization profile page

Here you can view the organization's funding sources, including grants and contributions, fundraising event income, program service revenues, and other investments. A "Grants from foundations and other nonprofits" section displays the total number of grants Cause IQ identifies the organization receiving, the total value of the identified grants, and a list of the specific grants they received.

The list of grants shows you the:

  • Grantmaker
  • Grantmaker tax period
  • Description
  • Amount

By default, Cause IQ displays the grants from largest to smallest (based on amount), and you can sort the grants accordingly by column header. You can also search for keywords in grant descriptions or specific grantmaker organizations by using the "Search grants..." search field.

Here's what the "Grants from foundations and other nonprofits" section looks like:

Funding tab - "Grants from foundations and other nonprofits" section

Note that individual grantmaker names are linked, and you can click on them to open the organization profile page for that funder and do further research into their grantmaking.