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Product update: Import list from CSV

Published April 13, 2015

Create lists of organizations in Cause IQ from spreadsheets or your CRM

Are you currently tracking clients or prospects in spreadsheet or your CRM? You can now import these lists into Cause IQ to enrich the data, from finding their key personnel to adding columns on financial characteristics.

Cause IQ's easy-to-use wizard walks you through uploading your CSV spreadsheets, mapping columns from your spreadsheet to fields in Cause IQ, and matching rows to corresponding organizations in Cause IQ.

Use cases include:

  • Updating contact information of old leads in your system
  • Filtering conference attendees to those that are in your target market
  • Enriching leads in your CRM to better prioritize prospects
  • Creating lists of your current clients, to find common characteristics and keep information up-to-date