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Product update: Amazon Smile added to IT Products used

Published Feb. 1, 2023

Identify organizations that advertise Amazon Smile on their websites for donations

As many of you know, Amazon's customer-directed donation program, Amazon Smile, is shutting down in late February 2023. Cause IQ works with many professional fundraising firms, fundraising consultants, and fundraising software providers, and a few asked if Cause IQ could add Amazon Smile to our IT products used search field. Cause IQ customers use the IT product used field to segment organizations using certain software solutions. We add products to this field reactively based on the suggestions we get from our customers, and we do our best to identify which products an organization uses.

Cause IQ was able to identify ~ 20,000 organizations advertising "Amazon Smile" on their websites, and you can find these organizations by adding an IT products used filter with the Amazon Smile option selected. You can access the IT products used filter within the Technology and social media section of the all filters.

Here's an overview video showing you where you can find the IT products used filter and how to identify the organizations with "Amazon Smile" on their website: