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Finding similarities among organizations

Automatically find characteristics that a list of organizations share with each other

Use the Common Characteristics tool, within lists, to find new organizations similar to those you already have in a list. Algorithms analyze up to 500 unique characteristics for each organization in your list and then determine the most significant common fields. Check and uncheck as many matching fields and use the preview to see how many new organizations match those from your original list.

From your Dashboard, click on the "Lists" section on the left navigation menu, and then select the list you want to find common organizations for. Click the "Characteristics" button in the list's profile, and the Common Characteristics tool starts the process. Here's where you can access the Common Characteristics tool:

Where to find common characteristics

Cause IQ will then open a page showing a slider progress. This may take a few minutes, because it's analyzing over 500 unique characteristics for every organization. If this page seems to hang, just reload the page.

Analyze characteristics progress bar

The results page, which will automatically load when the analysis is finished, shows all of the common fields, divided in Financial fields on the left and Other fields on the right and sorted by impact. The impact, on a scale on 0-1, indicates how significant that field is in finding similar organizations. A higher impact will find more organizations while a lower impact will find fewer organizations.

Analyze common characteristics results

You can select and unselect as many of the matching fields and preview the results before starting a new search with the fields. The preview will indicate the number of matching organizations for your selected fields.