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Product update: Cause IQ's "Custom export name" for Salesforce users

Published March 12, 2018

Map a custom text field to Cause IQ's "Custom export name" to tag the new Salesforce records you create in bulk

For Cause IQ's customers using our Salesforce integration, we've added the Cause IQ Custom export name field and allow you to map it to a custom text field in your Salesforce instance. With this update, you can tag a group of organizations in Cause IQ before creating the new records in Salesforce, allowing you to easily track which Contacts/Leads need to enter a specific campaign or cadence. To do this, follow these steps:

1. Create your custom text field in your Salesforce instance

2. In your Salesforce settings page, choose to "Refresh your Salesforce custom configurations and metadata"

3. In your Salesforce settings page, map your custom text field (e.g., "Cause IQ pull name") to Cause IQ's Custom export name field -- like this: 

Map your custom text field to the "Custom export name"
4. Add appropriate filters from the search filter sidebar to narrow down on an organization segment, or create a list of specific organizations

5. Start your Salesforce export by selecting the "Export" tab

6. In the "Salesforce" step, add a name for your export in the "Custom export name" text box -- like this:

Enter a name in the "Custom export name" text box

7. Select "Start Salesforce export" in the "Confirm" step to run your export

Once Cause IQ finishes processing your Salesforce export, the custom text field that you mapped to Cause IQ's Custom export name will populate with the name you entered in the "Salesforce" step.