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Search filter sidebar

The search filter sidebar helps you narrow down to organizations in a specific target segment

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Cause IQ's search filter sidebar helps you find the filters that are most applicable to your target market and easily update your existing search filters. Filters are organized into four sections:

  • Common: The most common filters among our customers, as well as recommended filters for your specific industry.
  • Recent: Your recently-used filters, along with your most-frequently used filters from the past six months
  • All: Access all 400 filters available in Cause IQ. We have grouped the filters into separate topical sections, with 5-20 different filters per section.
  • Find by keyword (search icon): Search for a specific filter by typing in the filter's name. This also searches the description of filters. 

Using different metrics and methods for filtering

Cause IQ's quantitative filters (e.g., Total revenues), have a "Metric" selection that can be changed to a number of different options, like "Value," "Percent of expenses," "Percent of revenues," or "One-year growth." Similarly, Cause IQ's qualitative filters (e.g., Categories), have a "Method" option that can be set to "Include matches" that meet that criteria or "Exclude matches" that meet that criteria. 

Update and remove existing filters

You can update your existing filters in the search filter sidebar. Upon adding filters, a new "Current filters" section appears up top. To change filters that you have previously added, just click on the filter. The filter opens up and you can update the values. To remove a filter, click the "x" in the top right corner of the filter. Here's an overview video of Cause IQ's search filter sidebar: