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Find a specific person by name, title, or keyword

Using Cause IQ's people search, you can easily find specific individuals and access their profiles

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Cause IQ's people search allows you to quickly search for individuals (by name) to see contact and descriptive information for identified personnel. Additionally, the People search allows you to narrow down to a segment of individuals meeting specific parameters (e.g., levels and functions, metro area). You can access the People search by selecting "New people search," found within the spyglass icon on the toolbar:

Access the people search from the toolbar

Search for key personnel by name

If you know the name of the individual, simply enter their name into the search bar at the top right-hand corner of the screen. After you search the individual's name, you can access their unique personnel profile (to see contact, compensation, and descriptive information) by clicking on their name in the list. Here's a look at where you can search an individual's name in Cause IQ's people search:

Search for key personnel by name

View a segment of personnel that meet specific parameters

The filter options on the left side of the People search allow you to add filters to narrow down on a segment of personnel. To help you identify a segment of individuals that meet specific parameters, you can select filters from the following fieldss:

  • Job functions (e.g., Executive, Finance)
  • Job levels (e.g., Director, Vice President, Chief)
  • Has email address (Yes or no)
  • Metro areas
  • Last updated (represents the last time one of our data sources confirmed the individual working at the organization)

To add a filter, simply click on the filter name. The selection options include the number of personnel associated with each filter; you can add as many as you like. Cause IQ keeps track of the filters you've selected at the top left-hand corner of the screen, under the Cause IQ logo. To remove any of the selected filters, click the "x" next to filter name. You can narrow your search results more by using the "Search within results" search box. You can add personnel names, organization names, and job titles to this field. Here's a look at the selection options on the left side of the People search:

Sort personnel in search results

The "Sort" icon on the right of the screen allows you to sort the individuals in your segment by:

  • Relevance
  • Last Name: A to Z
  • Last Name: Z to A
  • Title: A to Z
  • Title: Z to A
  • Last updated: New to old
  • Last updated: Old to new

To sort the personnel, simply click on the appropriate option:

Sort your personnel segment