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Product update: New a la carte exporting for Core Subscriptions

Published Jan. 7, 2022

Core Subscribers can now generate bulk exports for $0.90 per record.

Until recently, Cause IQ's bulk export functionality was only available for annual subscriptions. However, we knew that many of our monthly Core Subscribers also had a need for exporting information in bulk, so we've expanded access to this key functionality of Cause IQ. 

For $0.90 per record, customers with a Core Subscription can now generate a la carte exports containing any of the organization and personnel information found in Cause IQ. 

A detailed step-by-step guide to a la carte exporting can be found here, while the summary below gives an overview of how this new process works. 

Creating an a la carte export 

The process to generate an a la carte export begins the same way as all other exports, by clicking on the "Export" tab from the search interface. The Export Wizard will guide you through a set of available options:

  • What type of export you want to create (personnel with organization details, or just organization details)
  • What kinds of individuals you want in your personnel export (based on job titles), along with the number of contacts you want per organization and the types of contact info desired
  • Which columns of data you want in your export (almost all of Cause IQ's 400 data fields can be added)

Additional steps within the Export Wizard for a la carte exporting include confirming your report details (estimates for cost and number of records included), calculating the exact cost of your report, and paying for the export using the credit card on file for your account. 

Exports are delivered as CSV files and can be downloaded directly from the Cause IQ interface. We'll also email your report to the address on file for your account. Additionally, exports can be downloaded from your Cause IQ Dashboard.

How-to video for a la carte exporting

The how-to video below walks you through the entire a la carte exporting process.