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A la carte exporting for Core Subscriptions

Export personnel contact info and organization details for $0.90 per record

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At a cost of $0.90/record, Cause IQ Core subscribers can use the export tool to generate CSV reports with bulk information on organizations, and if needed, personnel. Follow the steps below to generate your la carte export. Note that you will be able to view the exact cost of your export, based on the number of records that match your export criteria, before submitting payment. Your export will be available for download as a CSV file once payment is complete (we'll also email it to the address on file). 

Step 1: Access the export tool

After using Cause IQ's search filter sidebar to narrow down to a desired segment of organizations, click the "Export" tab from the search interface to access the export tool. Here's a look at where you'll find it: 

Screen Shot 2022-01-07 at 4.34.28 PM.png

Step 2: Follow steps in the export tool

Use the export tool to walk through the steps needed to generate your report. For an in-depth explanation of each step included in the export process, see this article from our Help Center

Here's a quick list of the steps you'll need to take: 

  • What: Choose the type of export you want to do: "Organization details" or "Personnel, with organization details". Be sure to select the second option if you're looking for personnel contact information.  
  • Personnel: If you selected to do a "Personnel, with organization details" export, you'll need to choose the types of people you want included in your export (broken down by position levels and functions), the number of contacts you want included per organization, and what type of contact information you want (emails and/or phones).
  • Columns: Select which organization and personnel (if applicable) details columns you want in your spreadsheet.
  • Confirm: See a summary of export details and estimated costs, and confirm payment for export, covered below in Steps 3-5.

Step 3: Confirm export details and view estimated cost

In this step, you'll want to confirm the type of export report you're generating, the columns of data the report will include, and you can view the estimated cost for your report at the bottom of the page. If you're doing an export with personnel information, a range will display based on the number of organizations and the max number of personnel per organization selection. 

To calculate the exact cost of the export, which is necessary before you generate your report, click the "Calculate exact cost" button.

Export Confirm Step - A la carte

Step 4: Calculate exact cost and pay for export

The system will now determine exactly what information will be exported, so we can provide an exact cost of your export. This process takes a few seconds to a few minutes, and once complete will display the total cost of your export, along with the number of records that will be included in your report. A link to your billing details and credit card on file is provided. When ready to proceed, click the "Charge my card" button. 

Export Pay Step - A la carte

Step 5: Download CSV export report

Well done, your export is on its way! A blue "Export processing" box will show as the system begins generating your report. When finished, another box will display with a button to download your CSV file. We'll also email you the file at the address associated with your account. 

Export in process and download file button.png

Video how-to: a la carte exporting

This video walks you through all the steps needed to create and purchase an a la carte export.