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Product update: New and improved personnel algorithms

Published June 17, 2019

We've implemented new personnel algorithms that help us identify new and update existing personnel more regularly

Our development team spent the first half of 2019 adding new and improving our existing personnel data sources. Cause IQ's new personnel algorithm helps our website analyzer identify personnel that aren't in Cause IQ, update information for existing personnel in Cause IQ, and identify when people leave an organization.

Since the start of 2019, Cause IQ has added 1,800,216 personnel data points and identified 531,561 new key personnel. Cause IQ is still rolling out the new personnel algorithm to all organizations on the website, so you can expect to see more new and more recently updated personnel records as the year goes on.

All personnel records in Cause IQ are stamped with a “Most recent data” date. This date represents the most recent date we received a piece of information for that person. You'll see the "Most recent data" date for an individual in the "Personnel" tab of the organization's profile that they work for, their individual profile page, and a bulk export that they're included in. Here's a look at where you'll see the "Most recent data" date for an individual within the "Personnel" tab of an organization's profile:

Most recent data for personnel