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Product update: Member tags on an organization's profile

Published May 4, 2018

Easily view which of your saved searches and/or lists an organization belongs to

Cause IQ added the new "Member tags and lists" section to organization profile pages to help our customers quickly understand if they've worked with or come across a specific organization in the past. Many Cause IQ customers spend a lot of time in the profiles of organizations to conduct research to better understand if they're a good fit for their company. Once you enter an organization's profile, Cause IQ will do a quick analysis to see which of your saved searches and/or lists the organization is a part of. Cause IQ will display these saved searches and lists on the right side of the screen within the "Member tags and lists" section.

If you click on a search member tag, Cause IQ opens the search interface with all the organizations belonging to the saved search. If you click on a list member tag, Cause IQ opens the list's profile. From there you can click "Open in search interface" and Cause IQ opens the search interface with the list as the only filter.

 Here's a look at the new "Member tags and lists" section on an organization's profile page:

Member tags and lists