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Product update: Load your default personnel settings for export

Published March 28, 2018

Quickly load your most recent personnel settings so you don't have to manually make the appropriate selections

Cause IQ remembers the personnel settings (e.g., Position levels, Position functions, Contact information options, Contacts per organization) you select for your exports and preloads the most recent selections the next time you're ready to run another export. However, if you're looking to export personnel records from a previously saved search, the website remembers the personnel settings at the time the search was saved, not the most recent selections. Cause IQ customers often go back to their saved searches to export new and/or updated contact records, and they brought to our attention that there's a need to easily load the personnel settings from their most recent exports. 

That's why Cause IQ added the "Load your defaults" button to the "Personnel" step of the export process. Clicking this button loads all the personnel settings from your most recent export. This eliminates the need to manually make the appropriate selections each time you open a saved search for export. Here's where you click to load your most recent personnel export settings:

Load your personnel default settings for export