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Quickly view details for multiple organizations at once and get a summary analysis of the organizations that matter to you most

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When you're looking to implement strategies to grow your business, it's essential that you understand your target market and leads that are already on your radar. Cause IQ's table tool and our analyze tool are built to help you better understand the organizations that matter to you most. This way, you have a granular understanding of the organizations that you're trying to sell to, so you can avoid those dead ends.

Compare data for multiple organizations from the table tool in the search interface

You can use Cause IQ's table tool in the search interface to quickly view and compare relevant organization data for multiple nonprofits at once. This tool can be used to view data for organizations that meet certain search criteria and for organizations that you've hand-picked and added to a list.

Some of the most commonly added fields to the table are our fee-for-service expense fields and our vendor fields. For example, if you work for a CPA firm, you can add the Accounting fees and the Tax preparer fields as columns in the table so you can see what all the organizations spend on tax and audit services and which firm they use to prepare their tax forms.

You can also sort the organizations in the table by column header, and to help share your findings with colleagues, you can download the table to Excel by clicking the "Download table" link:

Here are the general steps that you need to take to use the table tool:

  1. Create a search of target organizations using a combination of quantitative and qualitative filters (or add a My saved lists filter to narrow down to a specific nonprofit list)
  2. Click on the "Table" tab in the search interface to access the table tool
  3. Choose the data points that you want to display as columns by selecting "Change columns" at the top-right of the page

Check out the video below for more details on Cause IQ's table tool:

Cause IQ's analyze tool in the search interface is designed to help you discover sector-wide trends for your clients, inbound leads, and for nonprofits meeting your target criteria. This tool is super helpful for you to better understand which companies relevant organizations work with, where nonprofits are located, and where a group of organizations derives revenue from.

Almost all of Cause IQ's quantitative and qualitative fields can be added to the analysis report. For quantitative information (e.g., Total revenues, Total expenses), the analyze tool summarizes the details in a bar graph. The graph also provides the average, median, sum total, and breaks down where the organizations fall with respect to the quantitative field by percentile. For qualitative information (e.g., State, IT products used), the details are summarized in a list for you. The list shows you the top 10 results with respect to the selected field, and you can view all the results by selecting "Show all values".

Some of the most commonly added information to the analyze tool include vendor fields, location details, and fee-for-service expenses. For example, if you're a professional fundraiser with a list of a few hundred leads uploaded into Cause IQ, you can take the following steps to better understand the leads:

  1. Add a My saved lists filter to open the lead list in the search interface
  2. Click the "Analyze" tab to access the analyze tool
  3. Click the "Change fields" button on the right of the page to select appropriate fields (e.g., Pro. fundraising fees, Fundraiser solicitor firms, State)
  4. View a summary of how much the organizations spend on third-party fundraising council, which fundraising firms are used most by the organizations in the list, and where the leads are located across the country

You can download your analysis report to Excel by clicking the "Download report" button at the top of the page.

Here's a detailed look at Cause IQ's analyze tool:

Analyze your total addressable market (TAM)

During your initial prospecting efforts, you'll probably want to get an understanding of your TAM. This way, you have an idea of the entire scope your company's target opportunities. After you create a search to segment your TAM organizations (e.g., trade and professional associations with more than $1,000,000 in annual revenue), you can use the analyze tool to better understand where your TAM organizations are located, their size, their main issue area focus, the top vendors that they're using, etc.

Here are the general steps that you would need to take to accomplish the above scenario:

  1. Open the search interface to start a new organization search
  2. Create your search to segment your TAM (Types: Trade association, Professional association, Total revenues: > $1,000,000)
  3. Click the "Analyze" tab to access the analyze tool in the search interface
  4. Click the "Change fields" button at the top-right of the page to choose the fields you want to analyze (e.g., State, Metro area, Issues, All vendors and independent contracts)
  5. Gain insights on your TAM, and if desired, click the "Download report" button to download your analysis to Excel so you can share your findings with colleagues