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Product update: Salesforce integration

Published Dec. 6, 2016

Create Accounts, Contacts, and/or Leads, and update existing records with new information from Cause IQ

Cause IQ now integrates with Salesforce! Here are some of the things you can do:

  • Create new Accounts, Leads, or Contacts from Cause IQ, individually or in bulk
  • Map custom fields for your Salesforce records to corresponding fields in Cause IQ
  • Automatically dedupe objects while creating or updating records, to make sure we don't override or create duplicative records
  • Match records that already exist in your Salesforce instance to corresponding records in Cause IQ
  • Update your Salesforce records with up-to-date information from Cause IQ, individually or in bulk

Organization update fields to update

This is an API-only integration, so there's no AppExchange package to install; no custom objects or custom fields you need to create. Everything is handled from our end. Because it is API, though, you need an Enterprise Salesforce account or above, or a Professional account with the API access add-on. If you are unsure if you or your organization has this, talk to your Salesforce admin.

We have two Help Center articles on our Salesforce integration: