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Product update: Quickly select recently-used columns

Published June 13, 2022

Select recently-used columns that you've exported and fields that you've worked with in other tools in one click

Cause IQ just rolled out a new feature that helps you quickly choose recently-used columns that you've included in your export reports and fields selected for other tools found in the search interface, such as the table tool, analyze tool, and benchmark tool. This feature comes in handy if you're changing columns regularly in your Cause IQ reports.

During the export process, after you select "Change columns" in the "Columns" step, you'll see a history icon tab to the right of the search spyglass icon. Once you click the tab, you'll see the last five recently-used sets of columns that you've used in your exports and the date that the columns were last used. To choose a group of the recently-used columns, just click on the field names and those columns will replace what's currently selected.

The process of selecting recently-used fields in other tools found in the search interface is the same as above. After clicking, the "Change fields" button within the tool, you'll see the history icon tab to the right of the search spyglass icon. Once you click the tab, you can view and choose a group of recently-used fields for the tool that you're working with.

Note: Cause IQ started keeping track of recent columns and fields on June 11, 2022, so if you haven't generated an export or worked with a specific tool since then, your recently-used field sections will be blank.

Here's a look at where you can quickly choose recently-used columns during the export process:

Choose recently-used columns in your export reports