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Product update: New category fields for searching, analysis, and export

Published Oct. 24, 2017

Better understand organizations' structure and what they care about

Cause IQ enhanced our proprietary categorical system to help you better understand organizations day-to-day activities and what they care about. Cause IQ used a combination of existing data sources and new sources to update our categorical system in order to help our users narrow down on specific organization target segments and better understand why they exist. After researching and analysis, organizations are now classified by their Structure and activities (E.g., State / local level, Grantmaking etc.)and Issues and missions (Healthcare, Economic development etc.). 

You can access both the Structure and activities and Issues and missions filters in the "Categories and characteristics" section of the "Grouped by topic" tab. These fields are available for searching, analyzing, and exporting

Here's a look at where you can access these filters within the search filter sidebar: