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Product update: NAICS categories now available

Published July 11, 2017

Organizations now classified accoridng to NAICS codes, with two new filters available

Cause IQ now has the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS)! Through a combination of manual classification by our hard-working research team and advanced algorithms to identify trends among previously-classified organizations, Cause IQ has classified all organizations in our database.

Access NAICS classifications using two different fields in Cause IQ:

  • NAICS code, primary: The top-matching NAICS code for an organization, one per organization
  • All NAICS codes: All matching NAICS codes for an organization, up to five, including the primary NAICS code

You can access the NAICS code fields through Cause IQ, including the search filters, export tool, analyze tool, organization profile, and pretty much everywhere else.

Here's a look at where you can access the NAICS codes filters in Cause IQ's search filter sidebar:

Note that the NAICS classification system is the successor to the SIC (Standard Industrial Classification) system. If you use SIC codes to find or classify organizations, just use any of the publicly-available crosswalks and then search Cause IQ's NAICS fields.