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Product update: Download organization records in the matching wizard

Published May 13, 2019

Download your "Unmatched", "Ignored", or "Matched" organization records to a CSV file

Cause IQ added a new feature to our matching wizard that lets you download a CSV file of the organization records you've already "Matched", "Ignored", or the records that are "Unmatched". Whether you're matching organization records you've uploaded with our CSV upload tool or matching Accounts/Leads you've loaded with our Salesforce integration, you can download the CSV files at the bottom-right of the appropriate tab (see screen-shot below).

If you're loading multiple CSV files or Salesforce list views for matching, downloading these files will help you understand which organizations you've already loaded into Cause IQ. This way you know that you're not loading duplicate organization records with your lists.

When loading hundreds or even thousands of organization records into Cause IQ, it's likely you've chosen to ignore records because you couldn't find a match (probably because the organizations aren't IRS registered nonprofits or because the organizations file a condensed version of the 990 such as the EZ or Postcard). This new feature helps you compare organization lists to make sure you're not reloading organizations records that you've already chosen to ignore.

Download ignored records to a CSV file