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Product update: New Salesforce Dashboard

Published July 16, 2018

Easier-to-use Dashboard to help you load, match, and enrich your existing Salesforce records

Cause IQ's new Salesforce Dashboard helps you quickly understand the status of your Account (or Lead) records in Cause IQ and makes the loading, matching, and enriching process seamless. The Dashboard has the following tabs to help you stay organized:

  • Accounts overview: View the total number of Salesforce records you've created from or matched with the corresponding organization records in Cause IQ, including the number of unique organizations
  • Load Accounts: Choose and confirm which Accounts you want to bring in to Cause IQ by selecting the Salesforce list view that contains them
  • Match Accounts: Match your existing Accounts from your Salesforce instance to the corresponding records in Cause IQ with our auto-match tool or manually, and remove all unmatched records (if needed)
  • Enrich Accounts: Bulk enrich your Salesforce Accounts with the most up-to-date information in Cause IQ

Cause IQ customers can now enrich records that match specific Salesforce list views you've created, versus before where you had to bulk enrich all matched Accounts (or Leads) at once or enrich records one-at-a-time individually. Here's a look at the new Salesforce Dashboard:

New Salesforce Dashboard

Here's a summary video showing you how to choose which Accounts (or Leads) you want to bring in to Cause IQ and how to match them to the corresponding organization records with our auto-match tool:

Here's a summary video showing you how to bulk enrich your Account (or Lead) records from a specific Salesforce list view: