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Product update: New "Funding" tab on the search interface

Published Sept. 30, 2020

See which foundations give to a group of organizations and view grant details

Cause IQ has finished our third, and final, phase of our Form 990 Schedule I and 990-PF grant data implementation. You'll now see a new "Funding" tab on Cause IQ's search interface. This new feature allows you to see all the grantmaking foundations we've identified making grants to a segment of organizations meeting certain search criteria or peer organizations you've added to a list. You'll see a table of the foundations, including the:

  • Number of grants made to the organizations in the search segment/list
  • Average grant size
  • Sum of all grants
  • Smallest grant size
  • Largest grant size
  • Specific grant details

Here's a look at the new "Funding" section on the