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Product update: Form 990 Schedule I grant data available

Published Aug. 3, 2020

Search for grantmaking organizations and view the grants an organization receives

Cause IQ is now mining Form 990 Schedule I information and the corresponding Form 990-PF part, which organizations use to disclose grants and other assistance to other organizations, governments, and individuals. With this new data, we've implemented 12 new fields that are available for searching, viewing, and exporting. Here are the new fields:

  • Grant recipient types
  • Grant recipient issues
  • Grant recipient characteristics
  • Grant recipient NTEEs
  • Grant recipient metros
  • Grant recipient state
  • Grant geographic focus
  • Grant purpose descriptions
  • Median grant amount
  • Average grant amount
  • Maximum grant amount
  • Minimum grant amount

You can access the corresponding filters for these fields in the new "Grant characteristics" subsection of the search filter sidebar's "All" tab. These new search filters will help users find grantmaking organizations based on the characteristics of the grants they give and their grant recipients.

Here's a look at the new grant search filters within the search filter sidebar:

Grant characteristics filters

Grant information on an organization's profile

The new Schedule I grant data is also available for you to view on an organization's profile page. For organizations we've identified making grants, you'll see a "Grantmaking" section on their profile. Within the section, you can see characteristics of the organization's grantmaking activities, their grant recipients, and a list of all the grants we've identified them making. You can also filter the grants the organization makes by grantee characteristics and location.

Here's a look at the "Grantmaking" section within an organization's profile:

For organization's we've identified receiving grants, you'll see a "Grants from foundations and other nonprofits" part within the "Funding" section of their profile. From here, you can see information on the specific grants we've identified the organization receiving, including:

  • Grantmaker
  • Grantmaker tax period
  • Description
  • Amount

Here's a look at the "Funding" section on an organization's profile: