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Product update: Enhanced organization detailed Excel reports

Published June 9, 2021

New "Program areas", "Grantmaking", "Funding", and "Vendor" worksheets

Cause IQ's detailed Excel-based organization report is one of the most frequently downloaded reports within Cause IQ. We've recently enhanced these reports to include more of the information that we added to our organization profile pages a few months back as a part of a bigger organization profile update.

We've added new worksheets that correspond with the following sections on the profile pages:

  • Program areas: What the organization is self-reporting as the most important areas of its mission
  • Funding: Grants we've identified an organization receiving, including the grantmaker, the amount, what the grant was for, and fiscal year
  • Grantmaking: Grants we've identified an organization making, including the grant recipients, the amount, what the grant was for, and fiscal year
  • Vendors: Service providers we've identified working with the organization, including the name of the vendor, amount paid to the vendor (when available), and service provided

As a reminder, you can download an organization's Detailed Excel-based report at the top-right of the profile page. Just click the download button and then select "Download report (XLSX)".

Download Excel-based reports

Here's a look at where you'll see the new worksheets on the detailed organization reports:

New worksheets for detailed Excel-based reports