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Changing email addresses in Cause IQ

Access your Cause IQ account settings to update your email address

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If you're looking to change the email address that's associated with your Cause IQ account, you can do so right from your "Account settings" page. 

Accessing your "Account settings" page

To access your "Account settings" page, select the user icon from your navigation bar at the top right of the screen and click "Account settings." Here's a look at where you access your "Account settings" page from your navigation bar:

Access your "Account settings" page

You can also access your "Account settings" page from the "Quick Links" section at the bottom of the website. Simply click on "My account" to access your "Account settings" page. Here's a look at where you can access your "Account settings" page from the "Quick Links" section:

Access your account settings

Update your email address

Once you're in the "Account settings" page, select "Modify email addresses" from the "Change settings" section on the right of the screen. In the "Account email addresses" page, enter the email address that you want associated with your Cause IQ account and click "Add Email." To make the new email address your primary Cause IQ email, click the circle next to the new email and select "Make Primary." Once you change your Cause IQ primary email address, we send an email to the new address that includes a link to verify the change. Here's a summary video showing you how to change your primary Cause IQ email from your "Account settings" page: