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Product update: Search filter sidebar enhancements

Published Aug. 1, 2018

New tabs to better organize filters and view all options available for filters with predefined options

Cause IQ re-organized our filters in the search filter sidebar to help customers more easily find the filters that are applicable to their target market. Cause IQ's filters are now organized into the following four tabs:

  • Common: The most common filters among our customers, as well as recommended filters for your specific industry.
  • Recent: Your recently-used filters, along with your most-frequently used filters from the past six-months
  • All: Access all 400 filters available in Cause IQ. We have grouped the filters into separate topical sections, with 5-20 different filters per section.
  • Find by keyword (search icon): Search for a specific filter by typing in the filter's name. This also searches the description of filters.

Cause IQ also updated our filters with predefined drop-down options so that customers can view all options available for a given filter. After you access the appropriate filter in the search filter sidebar, click "Options available" to view all of the filter's options. You can scroll through the available options or search for an option with the "Option name..." search box. You can select options for the filter by clicking "add". After you choose the appropriate option(s), select "Close" at the bottom of the options page and click "Add filter".

Here's an overview video highlighting the updates we've made to the search filter sidebar: