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Product update: Remembering your exports for future deduping

Published May 28, 2019

What used to be called "Tracking your exports" in Cause IQ is now called "Remembering your exports"

Cause IQ moved on from the often confusing "Tracking your exports" verbiage and moved our built-in deduplication feature to a more intuitive place in the export process. Our built-in remembering and deduping feature helps customers download personnel and/or organization records that weren't available the last time they ran an export, only export records that weren't already included in another search with overlapping results, and optimize their allotted record exports (for customers on usage-based plans). 

You'll now see both of these sections in the "What step" of the export process:

  • Which records to include: This is where you tell Cause if you want to exclude organization and/or personnel records from specific previously remembered exports, from all previously remembered exports, or if you want to include all records no matter if they've already been exported and remembered.
  • Remember exported records: This is where you tell Cause IQ to remember all organizations and/or personnel records that your current export will include. Please note that by default, Cause IQ requires you to name your exports before you can move to the "Columns" or "Personnel" step. If you don't want to remember the organizations and/or personnel you're exporting, simply click the "Don't remember which organizations (or personnel) are exported" box.

Here's a look at the "What" step of the export process and the two sections that are relevant for remembering and deduping purposes:

Remembering export for deduping