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Product update: New organization data update displays

Published Aug. 22, 2022

View and receive updates when organizations post new financials, update personnel, receive grants, and use new vendors

Cause IQ‘s nonprofit database is constantly updating with new quantitative, qualitative, and descriptive details for organizations. Cause IQ now publishes activity history items for an organization when we receive a new financial, personnel, grant received, or vendor data point for the nonprofit. These posted updates allow you to understand when an organization record that you’re researching was last updated in Cause IQ with key details.

Data update history on organization profile pages

At the top-right of an organization’s profile, you’ll see the five most-recent organization updates. Within the new Data update history section, you’ll see the following:

  • Data update type (e.g., posted financials, updated personnel)
  • How long ago the update was made (e.g., 1 month, 2 weeks ago)
  • Detailed description about the update (e.g., identified 23 new personnel, including some of the personnel names)
  • Link to download the updated Form 990 for the financial updates
  • Blue view update link that takes you to the corresponding tab at the bottom of the organization’s profile for the selected updated data

Note the dates for the activity history items are when Cause IQ received and processed the new data point indicating a change. The date of the change itself (e.g., new financials published, when a person joined the nonprofit) likely was earlier.

Here’s a look at the new Data update history section at the top of an organization’s profile:

Data update history on top of profile

You’ll also notice a new dedicated Data update history tab within an organization’s profile. This section displays all the legacy tracked activity updates for the organization you’re researching. For the legacy organization activity updates, note that Cause IQ displays updates from 2016 for financials, 2017 for personnel, and 2018 for grants received and vendors used.

You’ll see all the activity update details in the Data update history tab that are displayed at the top of the organization’s profile, in addition to a full list of the updated personnel, new grants received, and new vendors used.

Here’s a look at the Data update history tab on an organization’s profile page:

Data update history tab

Organization data updates on your Dashboard

From your Cause IQ Dashboard, you'll notice a new Organization data updates section at the very top of the page. This section shows the eight most recent updates for the organizations that you're following in Cause IQ. You'll see the type of data update with some descriptive details, how long ago the update was made in Cause IQ, and the name of the organization that was updated with a direct link to their profile page.

Here's a look at the new Organization data update section from the Dashboard:

Organization data updates on your Dashboard

To view all updates to the organizations you're following in Cause IQ, simply click the "See all organization data updates" button at the bottom of the Organization data updates section of your Dashboard. This takes you to a data updates page that provides a complete list of the updated organizations, the update type, more granular details on the update, and how long ago the update was posted in Cause IQ. You can even choose the types of updates displayed by selecting the Posted financials, Updated personnel, Used new vendors, or Received grants tabs.

Here's a look at where to view all the tracked updates for organizations you're following:

Email notifications on organization data updates

Once a week, Cause IQ sends out email notifications informing you of the new data updates available for the organizations you're following. Note that these notification emails only provide the data updates that occurred since you last viewed the organization(s). You'll see the organizations that were updated, the type of update with some descriptive details, and how long ago the update was posted in Cause IQ. When available, Cause IQ displays the 40 most recent updates in these email notifications and you can click the blue "See all data updates" button to direct you to the All updates tab of your Dashboard's organization data updates page.

Here's a look at the email notifications you can expect to receive:

Data update email notifications

Unfollow organizations so you no longer receive data updates on them

If you no longer want to receive email update notifications or updates on your Dashboard for a specific organization, simply click the X button within the Unfollow column of the organization data updates page in your Dashboard.

Here's a look at where you can choose to unfollow specific organizations for updates:

Unfollow specific organizations

Opt-out of all organization data update notifications

If you no longer want to receive any organization data update emails, simply uncheck the "Receive organization data update emails" box within the Notification preferences section of your Cause IQ Account settings.

Here's a look at where you can opt-out of all Cause IQ organization data update notification emails:

Opt out of organization data updates