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Product update: New "Location" filter

Published Feb. 24, 2022

Search for organizations by state, county, metro area, and city all in one place

Cause IQ’s new “Location” filter allows you to search for the state, county, metro area, or city in which an organization resides all in one place. The filter dynamically populates as you type, and will display relevant location options to choose from based on your search. 

For example, if you’re searching for organizations in the Los Angeles area and begin typing “Los” into the text field, all corresponding county, city, and metro area options containing "Los" will display. Like other qualitative filters in Cause IQ, multiple field options can be added to the same filter (with OR relationship between them). 

Here's a video that shows this filter in action:

Where to find the "Location" filter

For the majority of customers, the new “Location” filter is automatically displayed in the Search Filter Sidebar, as shown in the video above, replacing the default "State" and "Metro area" filters. (Note that these individual filters still exist and can be added to searches using the "All filters" button).

The "Location" filter can also be found by clicking the "All filters" button, and either looking up the filter by name or by finding it listed within the "Name, type, and location" category.

Additionally, the "Location" filter can be added to a customized Search Filter Sidebar by clicking the "Customize filters" link, and then selecting and adding "Location" from the displayed list of common filters.