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Product update: Cause IQ now has an API!

Published Sept. 1, 2020

Programmatically retrieve organization profile information and search for organizations matching query criteria

Cause IQ now has an API! There are two API endpoints currently, created to help with the most common tasks of our customers:

  1. Organization profile: Retrieve details on a specific organization with a GET request, providing the organization's EIN. By default, we provide the 20 most commonly-used fields in the response, including name, address, 501(c) type, NTEE code, fiscal year end, high-level financials, website URL, and phone number, among other fields. If you want more details, you can provide a comma-separated list of field names as a URL parameter, allowing you to retrieve any of more than 200 fields we have on organizations.
  2. Organization search: Find multiple organizations that meet various criteria, using a GET request and user-supplied set of parameters. You can paginate on the results to see all the organizations that meet your criteria. The results provide a few of the most common fields; if you want detailed organization information, use the Organization profile API endpoint with the EIN supplied in the Organization search API results.

The Cause IQ API requires a Cause IQ subscription, and is included with the Data Enrichment Add-on, which also includes our CSV Upload matching tool and the Salesforce Integration. If you already have the Data Enrichment Add-on, just reach out to your support contact!