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Product update: Multi-year organization exports

Published Jan. 30, 2018

Export organizations' quantitative details from the past five years for benchmarking and analysis

You can now export multiple years of quantitative information to compare how organizations' financial information (e.g., Accounting fees, Total assets) has changed over time. This allows you to analyze financial data points, from the past five years, for organizations that matter to you.

Once you're ready to run your organization details export (whether it's a search segment or list of clients/prospects), select the "Multiple years of information, for last five years" option in the "What" step of the export process. The "Columns" step is where you choose the financial details that you want to include in your multi-year export, so you can see how they've changed over the years. Your file has multiple worksheets (one for each year) that include the data points for the selected quantitative details.

Here's a look at where you choose to run a multi-year export within the "What" step of the export process:

Select to run a multi-year export