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Product update: Hospital facility-level information from Schedule H

Published Oct. 23, 2018

Cause IQ now has information on specific hospital facilities, from Schedule H, Part V

Cause IQ now has Schedule H, Part V data on hospitals, which allows you to search, analyze, and export data on specific facilities. We have almost all the fields from Part V, Sections A and B.

If you want to search / filter organizations with specific Part V characteristics, go to the "All" tab in the "Add new filters" sidebar, and then find the "Form 990, Schedule H, Part V, Section A" and "Form 990, Schedule H, Part V, Section B" sections at the bottom. Click on those to add the specific field (e.g., "Schedule H, Part V, Section B, Line 22").

Schedule H Part V filters in search filter sidebar

For the fields that have multiple checkbox options available, we grouped them all into one field to make them easier to search and analyze. For example, with Line 22, rather than having a separate Cause IQ field for each checkbox, we have multiple options (e.g., "Prospective medicare or medicaid method") all available within the same field. Just select which options you want to search for (or exclude). Multiple options selected within the same filter will be OR'd together. To AND fields together, add two separate filters for that field. See the screenshot below for an example.

Search filter options example for Schedule H Part V

To answer questions like "What percentage of hospitals use which method on Part V Line 22?", go to the "Analyze" tab in the search interface, click "Change fields", select "Categories" tab, and then in the dropdown select one of the "Form 990, Schedule H, Part V" sections (these are the same categories as in the "All" filter tab). Click on the field you want to Analyze, and then hit "Change fields". The page will update with the results. See the screenshot below for an example of Lines 14 and 22.

Analyze results example for Schedule H Part V

You can also view the field values in the "Table" tab in the search results, and also export the fields. Please reach out via the orange help widget in the bottom-right corner if you have any questions!