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Product update: Form 5500 details now available

Published Jan. 22, 2018

Employee benefit plan details are now available for filtering, analysis, and export

Many Cause IQ customers requested that we add Form 5500 details to the website, allowing users to get a better understanding of the benefit plans organizations offer, the entities the organizations use to put the benefit plans together, and the number of employees participating in the offered plans. You can access the Form 5500 details for filtering, analysis, and export within the "Employee benefit plans" section of the "Grouped by topic" tab. Here are the available Form 5500 fields in Cause IQ:

  • Form 5500 service providers
  • Form 5500 total assets
  • Form 5500 number of active participants
  • Form 5500 total fees
  • Form 5500 investment fees
  • Form 5500 accounting and legal fees
  • Pension/retirement accruals and contributions

Here's where you can access the Form 5500 details from Cause IQ's search filter sidebar:

Additionally, if you want to see Form 5500 details for a specific organization, just navigate to the organization's profile and take a look at the "Form 5500" tab:

The Form 5500 tab on an organization's profile