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Product update: Executive Compensation

Published June 29, 2015

Cause IQ can benchmark and analyze executive compensation among nonprofit staff and board members

Executive compensation is available for many key personnel in Cause IQ. The information is available in two places: 

  1. The Personnel tab in organization searches; and 
  2. The Personnel tab on organization profiles.

Personnel tab in organization searches

From the Personnel tab in Organization searches, select 'Change columns' and add the column 'Compensation from organization'. You can also add columns for compensation as a percent of total and as a percent of operating budget. You can also sort by any of those columns (as well as the others) by clicking on the column header.

Personnel tab executive compensation

Personnel tab on organization profiles

Executive compensation is viewable from the Personnel tab on organization profiles. Once on the Personnel tab, click on 'Form 990 compensation information' to display the available compensation information.

Organization profile executive compensation