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Product update: Enhanced organization PDF one-pager reports

Published Jan. 1, 2020

Customize the KPIs shown, view the top key employees working at the organization, and see the most relevant vendors the organizations use

Cause IQ's organization PDF one-pager reports have always been one of our customer's favorite features on the site. These reports have always followed a standard template for the quantitative and qualitative information that's displayed, until now. 

We reached out to many of our customers for feedback to see what we should change/add to the reports to increase their value, and the consensus was to add some customization. You can now choose the Key Performace Indicators (KPIs) that are displayed in the reports. These KPIs will mirror the KPIs that you choose on the corresponding organization profile page (click here for step-by-step instructions on changing the KPIs). Also, The KPIs are now accompanied by a line graph that will show how the selected quantitative data points have changed over the past five years.

We've also added key employees and vendors to the right of the one-pager. The employees and vendors displayed ar the most relevant based on the industry that our customer operates in (e.g., accounting, software, financial services).

As a reminder, you download an organization's PDF one-pager by clicking "Download one-pager PDF" within the "Report downloads" section on the right of their profile page.

Here's a look at an enhanced PDF one-pager:

Enhanced PDF one-pager